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Description : Microprocessor Supervisory Circuits in 3-Lead SC70 and SOT-23

The ADM803/ADM809/ADM810 supervisory circuits monitor the power supply voltage in microprocessor systems. They provide a reset output during power-up, power-down, and brownout conditions. On power-up, an internal timer holds reset asserted for 240 ms. This holds the microprocessor in a reset state until conditions have stabilized. The RESET output remains operational with VCC as low as 1 V. The ADM803 and ADM809 provide an active low reset signal (RESET), while the ADM810 provides an active high signal (RESET) output. The ADM809 and ADM810 have push-pull outputs whereas the ADM803 has an open-drain output, which requires an external pull-up resistor.

   Specified over Temperature
   Low Power Consumption (17 μA)
   Precision Voltage Monitor: 2.5 V, 3 V, 3.3 V, 5 V Options
   Reset Assertion Down to 1 V VCC
   140 ms Min Power-On Reset
      Open-Drain RESET Output (ADM803)
      Push-Pull RESET Output (ADM809)
      Push-Pull RESET Output (ADM810)
   SC70 and SOT-23 Packages

   Microprocessor Systems
   Intelligent Instruments
   Automotive Systems

Description : Microprocessor Reset Circuits

The ADM181x range of voltage monitoring circuits can be used in any application where an electronic system needs to be reset when a voltage increases above or below a predetermined value.
Because of the “reset delay time” incorporated into the ADM181x series, these devices can provide a safe startup for electronic systems. Before a system initializes, the power supply must stabilize. Using the ADM181x series ensures that there are typically 150 ms for the power supply to stabilize before the system is reset and safe system initialization begins.
The ADM181x series of microprocessor reset circuits are available in low cost, space-saving SOT-23 packages.

   Reliable Low Cost Voltage Monitor with Reset Output
   Supports Monitoring of Supplies within 5%, 10%, 15%
      and 20% Tolerance
   Active High and Low Push-Pull Output Choices
      (ADM1810, ADM1812, ADM1815 and ADM1817)
   Open Drain Output Choices (ADM1811, ADM1813,
      ADM1816 and ADM1818)
   Can Be Used with a Manual Push-Button to Generate a
      Reset (ADM1813, ADM1818)
   Initialize Microprocessor Systems with Added Safety

   Microprocessor Systems
   Intelligent Instruments
   Automotive Systems

Description : PC/104 Datacom Modules

PC/104 Datacom Modules

PCI to ISA Bridge Module

4/8-Port RS-422/485 High-speed PC/104 Module

4/8-Port RS-232/422/485 PCI-104 Modules

4/8-Port RS-232 PCI-104 Modules

2-Port CAN-bus PC/104 / PCI-104 Module with Isolation Protection

USB 2.0/IEEE 1394a PC/104-Plus Module

4/8 RS-232 COM Port Module

Dual GbE Module

Description : 1-/2-/4-Channel Digital Potentiometers

The AD8400/AD8402/AD8403 provide a single-, Dual-, or quad-channel, 256-position, digitally controlled variable resistor (VR) device.1 These devices perform the same electronic adjustment function as a mechanical potentiometer or variable resistor. The AD8400 contains a single variable resistor in the compact SOIC-8 package.

256-position variable resistance device
Replaces 1, 2, or 4 potentiometers
1 kΩ, 10 kΩ, 50 kΩ, 100 kΩ
Power shutdown—less than 5 μA
3-wire,SPI-compatible serial data input
10 MHz update data loading rate
2.7 V to 5.5 V single-supply operation
Qualified for automotive applications

Mechanical potentiometer replacement
Programmable filters. delays, time constants
Volume control, panning
Line impedance matching
Power supply adjustment

Description : General-Purpose CMOS Rail-to-Rail Amplifiers

The AD8541/AD8542/AD8544 are single, Dual, and quad rail to-rail input and output, single-supply amplifiers featuring very low supply current and 1 MHz bandwidth. All are guaranteed to operate from a 2.7 V single supply as well as a 5 V supply. These parts provide 1 MHz bandwidth at a low current consumption of 45 μA per amplifier.
Very low input bias currents enable the AD8541/AD8542/AD8544 to be used for integrators, photodiode amplifiers, piezoelectric sensors, and other applications with high source impedance. The supply current is only 45 μA per amplifier, ideal for battery operation.
Rail-to-rail inputs and outputs are useful to designers buffering ASICs in single-supply systems. The AD8541/AD8542/AD8544 are optimized to maintain high gains at lower supply voltages, making them useful for active filters.and gain stages. The AD8541/AD8542/AD8544 are specified over the extended industrial temperature range (–40°C to +125°C). The AD8541 is available in 5-lead SOT-23, 5-lead SC70, and 8-lead SOIC packages. The AD8542 is available in 8-lead SOIC, 8-lead MSOP, and 8-lead TSSOP surface-mount packages. The AD8544 is available in 14-lead narrow SOIC and 14-lead TSSOP surface mount packages. All MSOP, SC70, and SOT versions are available in Tape and reel.only.

  Single-supply operation: 2.7 V to 5.5 V
  Low supply current: 45 μA/amplifier
  Wide bandwidth: 1 MHz
  No phase reversal
  Low input currents: 4 pA
  Unity gain stable
  Rail-to-rail input and output
  ASIC input or output amplifiers
  Sensor interfaces
  Piezoelectric transducer amplifiers
  Medical instrumentation
  Mobile communications
  Audio outputs
  Portable systems

Description : 3 V, Voltage Monitoring Microprocessor Supervisory Circuits

The ADM706P/R/S/T and the ADM708R/S/T microprocessor supervisory circuits are suitable for monitoring either 3 V or 3.3 V power supplies.

   Precision Supply-Voltage Monitor
      +2.63 V (ADM706P/R, ADM708R)
      +2.93 V (ADM706S, ADM708S)
      +3.08 V (ADM706T, ADM708T)
   100 mA Quiescent Current
   200 ms Reset Pulsewidth
   Debounced Manual Reset Input (MR)
   Independent Watchdog Timer—1.6 sec Timeout
   Reset Output
      Active High (ADM706P)
      Active Low (ADM706R/S/T)
      Both Active High and Active Low (ADM708R/S/T)
   Voltage Monitor for Power-Fail or Low Battery Warning
   Guaranteed RESET Valid with VCC = 1 V
   Superior Upgrade for MAX706P/R/S/T, MAX708R/S/T

   Microprocessor Systems
   Intelligent Instruments
   Critical mP Monitoring
   Automotive Systems
   Battery Operated Systems
   Portable Instruments

Description : Microprocessor Supervisory Circuit in 4-Lead SOT-143 with DSP

The ADM811/ADM812 are reliable voltage monitoring devices suitable for use in most voltage monitoring applications. The ADM811/ADM812 are designed to monitor six different voltages, each allowing a 5% or 10% degradation of standard PSU voltages before a reset occurs. These voltages have been selected for the effective monitoring of 2.5 V, 3 V, 3.3 V, and 5 V supply voltage levels.
    Superior upgrade for MAX811/MAX812
    Specified over temperature
    Low power consumption: 5 μA typical
    Precision voltage monitor: 2.5 V, 3 V, 3.3 V, 5 V options
    Reset assertion down to 1 VCC
    Power-on reset: 140 ms minimum
    Logic low RESET output (ADM811)
    Logic high RESET output (ADM812)
    Built-in manual reset
    Microprocessor systems
    Intelligent instruments
    Automotive systems
    Safety systems
    Portable instruments

Description : Precision CMOS, Single-Supply, Rail-to-Rail, Input/Output Wideband Operational Amplifiers

The AD8601 and AD8602 are single and Dual rail-to-rail input and output single supply amplifiers featuring very low offset voltage and wide signal bandwidth. These amplifiers use a new, patented trimming technique that achieves superior performance without laser trimming. All are fully specified to operate from 3 V to 5 V single supply.

   Low Offset Voltage: 500 μV Max
   Single Supply Operation: 2.7 V to 6 V
   Low Supply Current: 750 μA/Amplifier
   Wide Bandwidth: 8 MHz
   Slew Rate: 5 V/μs
   Low Distortion
   No Phase Reversal
   Low Input Currents
   Unity Gain Stable

   Barcode Scanners
   Battery-Powered Instrumentation
   Multipole>   Sensors
   Current Sensing
   ASIC Input or Output Amplifier

Description : 15 kV ESD Protected, 2.7 V to 3.6 V Serial Port Transceivers with Green Idle

The ADM3311E is a three driver/five receiver product designed to fully meet the EIA-232 standard while operating with a single +2.7 V to +3.6 V power supply. The device features an on-board, charge pump, dc-to-dc converter, eliminating the need for Dual power supplies. This dc-to-dc converter contains a voltage tripler and voltage inverter, which internally generates positive and negative supplies from the input +3 V power supply. The dc-to-dc converter operates in Green Idle Mode, whereby the charge pump oscillator is gated on and off to maintain the output voltage at ±7.25 V under varying load conditions. This minimizes the power consumption and makes these products ideal for battery powered portable devices.

    Green Idle Power Saving Mode
    Full RS-232 Compliance
    Operates with 3 V Logic
    Low EMI
    Ultralow Power CMOS: 450 A Operation
    Low Power Shutdown: 20 nA
    460 kbits/s Data Rate
    0.1 μF to 1 μF Charge Pump Capacitors
    Single +2.7 V to +3.6 V Power Supply
    One Receiver Active in Shutdown
    ESD >15 kV
    Pin Compatible with DS14C335

    Laptop Computers
    Notebook Computers

Description : Precision, Low Noise, CMOS, Rail-to-Rail, Input/Output Operational Amplifiers

The AD8605, AD8606, and AD86081 are single, Dual, and quad rail-to-rail input and output, single-supply amplifiers. They feature very low offset voltage, low input voltage and current noise, and wide signal bandwidth. They use Analog Devices’ patented DigiTrim® trimming technique, which achieves superior precision without laser trimming.
    Low offset voltage: 65 µV maximum
    Low input bias currents: 1 pA maximum
    Low noise: 8 nV/√Hz
    Wide bandwidth: 10 MHz
    High open-loop gain: 120 dB
    Unity gain stable
    Single-supply operation: 2.7 V to 5.5 V
    Photodiode amplification
    Battery-powered instrumentation
    Multipole>    Sensors
    Barcode scanners

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