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R5F21143DSP View Datasheet(PDF) - Renesas Electronics

Part NameR5F21143DSP Renesas
Renesas Electronics Renesas
DescriptionR8C/14 Group, R8C/15 Group SINGLE-CHIP 16-BIT CMOS MICROCOMPUTER
R5F21143DSP Datasheet PDF : 277 Pages
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R8C/14 Group, R8C/15 Group
5. Reset
5. Reset
There are resets: hardware reset, power-on reset, voltage monitor 1 reset, voltage monitor 2 reset,
watchdog timer reset and software reset. Table 5.1 lists the Reset Name and Factor.
Table 5.1 Reset Name and Factor
Reset Name
Hardware Reset
Power-On Reset
Voltage Monitor 1 Reset
Voltage Monitor 2 Reset
Watchdog Timer Reset
Software Reset
Input voltage of RESET pin is held “L”
VCC rises
VCC falls (monitor voltage : Vdet1)
VCC falls (monitor voltage : Vdet2)
Underflow of watchdog timer
Write “1” to PM03 bit in PM0 register
Hardware Reset
Reset Circuit
Power-On Reset
VW1C0 and
VW1C6 bits
Voltage Monitor 1 Reset
Voltage Monitor 2 Reset
Watchdog Timer
Software Reset
VCA13, VCA27,
VW1C1, VW1C2,
VW1F0, VW1F1, VW1C7,
VW2C2 and VW2C3 bits
Pin, CPU and
SFR other than
Figure 5.1
VCA13 : Bit in VCA1 register
VCA26, VCA27 : Bits in VCA2 register
VW1C0 to VW1C2, VW1F0, VW1F1, VW1C6, VW1C7 : Bits in VW1C register
VW2C2, VW2C3 bits : Bits in VW2C register
Block Diagram of Reset Circuit
Rev.2.10 Jan 19, 2006 Page 19 of 253
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This MCU is built using the high-performance silicon gate CMOS process using a R8C/Tiny Series CPU core and is packaged in a 20-pin plastic molded LSSOP. This MCU operates using sophisticated instructions featuring a high level of instruction efficiency. With 1 Mbyte of address space, it is capable of executing instructions at high speed. Furthermore, the data flash ROM (1KB × 2blocks) is embedded in the R8C/15 group.
The difference between R8C/14 and R8C/15 groups is only the existence of the data flash ROM. Their peripheral functions are the same.

Electric household appliance, office equipment, housing equipment (sensor, security), general industrial equipment, audio, etc.

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