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Q6275K791 Universal Low Power ASK/FSK Single Conversion Multi-Channel Image-Reject Receiver with Digital Baseband Processing Infineon
Infineon Technologies Infineon
Q6275K791 Datasheet PDF : 186 Pages
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Product Description
Product Description
The TDA523x is a family of universal, highly sensitive, low-power single-chip ASK/FSK
superheterodyne image-reject-receivers for Manchester-coded data signals in the ISM bands
between 302..320 MHz, 433..450 MHz and 865..870 MHz. The chips include fully-integrated digital
baseband data processing and produce clean data output via SPI, thus significantly reducing the
load on the host processor and standby power consumption.
The TDA523x family of chips offers a high level of integration and needs only few external
components for application deployment.
The TDA523x is able to run in several autonomous self-polling and wake-up modes, scanning the
received signal for usable data. Interrupts can be initiated based on various criteria, such as the
received bit pattern to wake up the host processor. Received data can be scanned for certain
message contents (IDs) and is stored in a FIFO data buffer, accessible via the SPI host interface.
The TDA523x is able to scan and receive from different sources with up to two different independent
parameter configuration sets. Configurations can differ in modulation ASK/FSK, data rate, wake up
criterion, protocol, etc. Additionally, multichannel applications are supported by scanning of up to 3
RF channels in the same band.
The TDA523x is fully programmable to facilitate quick time to market.
Key Features
• Fully integrated ASK/FSK RF Data Receiver with data FIFO and SPI host interface
• High input sensitivity: e.g. typically -108dBm at 2kbit data rate (see Specifications)
• Autonomous wake-up and Self-Polling features allow different modulation for wake-up and data
• Two parallel parameter sets for scanning and receiving from different sources
• Reduces significantly host processing power, system standby power consumption
• Fully integrated Multichannel PLL Synthesizer support up to 17 sub-channels
• Image Reject mixer prevents interferences on mirror frequency
• IF Filter Multiplexer allows IF bandwidth switching
• IF-Limiting Amplifier with RSSI-Output accessible via dedicated pin or register
• Data Framer with versatile Frame Synchronization capability
• Message Contents (ID) scanning
• Unique Serial-Number, accessible via SPI
• Crystal-Oscillator with on chip Fine-Tuning, Clock-Output with configurable Prescaler
• Supply Voltage Range 3.0 V to 3.6 V and 4.5 V to 5.5 V
• Package PG-TSSOP-28-1
• Operating Temperature Range -40 to +105°C
• Qualified according automotive AEC-Q100
• Evaluation boards, reference designs, and free PC configuration and evaluation tools available
• Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems
• Remote Keyless Entry Systems
• Remote Control Systems
Data Sheet
Version 4.0, 2007-06-01
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