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Q6275K791 View Datasheet(PDF) - Infineon Technologies

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
Q6275K791 Universal Low Power ASK/FSK Single Conversion Multi-Channel Image-Reject Receiver with Digital Baseband Processing Infineon
Infineon Technologies Infineon
Q6275K791 Datasheet PDF : 186 Pages
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Functional Description
CMC0: Chip Mode Control Register 0
ADDR: 0x02
Reset Value: 0x40
Bit R/W Description
2 W DCE: Dual Configuration Enable
This Bit is relevant only in Self Polling Mode. It defines whether both
configurations are used.
0: Only Config A is used
1: First Config A is used; then Config B is used
RFPLLAC: RF PLL Actual Channel Register
ADDR: 0x06
Reset Value: 0x00
Bit R/W Description
1:0 R RFPLLACS: Actual Channel
This register is set after a Wake Up found in the Self Polling Mode
00b: No channel was actually found
01b: Channel 1 according to RFPLL1 setting was found
10b: Channel 2 according to RFPLL2 setting was found
11b: Channel 3 according to RFPLL3 setting was found
Dual: AMT and BMT: Conf.A Modulation Type Register
ADDR: 0x21 and 0x42
Reset Value: 0x04
Bit R/W Description
3:2 W NOC: Number of channels
Only used in the Self Polling Mode to define how many channels have to be
scanned. In the Slave Mode there is only 1 channel used, whatever here is
Min: 01b = 1 channel
Max: 11b= 3 channels
The following state diagrams and explanations help to illustrate the behavior during Self
Polling Mode. First, there is a wake up search for a wake up pattern according
configuration A on up to three different channels. Then, there is an optional search for a
wake up pattern according configuration B, again including up to 3 channels.
In applications using only a single configuration, settings are always taken from
Configuration A
Data Sheet
Version 4.0, 2007-06-01
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