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S-817A11ANB-CUA-T2 데이터 시트보기 (PDF) - Seiko Instruments Inc

Seiko Instruments Inc SII
S-817A11ANB-CUA-T2 Datasheet PDF : 50 Pages
The information described herein is subject to change without notice.
Seiko Instruments Inc. is not responsible for any problems caused by circuits or diagrams described herein
whose related industrial properties, patents, or other rights belong to third parties. The application circuit
examples explain typical applications of the products, and do not guarantee the success of any specific
mass-production design.
When the products described herein are regulated products subject to the Wassenaar Arrangement or other
agreements, they may not be exported without authorization from the appropriate governmental authority.
Use of the information described herein for other purposes and/or reproduction or copying without the
express permission of Seiko Instruments Inc. is strictly prohibited.
The products described herein cannot be used as part of any device or equipment affecting the human
body, such as exercise equipment, medical equipment, security systems, gas equipment, or any apparatus
installed in airplanes and other vehicles, without prior written permission of Seiko Instruments Inc.
Although Seiko Instruments Inc. exerts the greatest possible effort to ensure high quality and reliability, the
failure or malfunction of semiconductor products may occur. The user of these products should therefore
give thorough consideration to safety design, including redundancy, fire-prevention measures, and
malfunction prevention, to prevent any accidents, fires, or community damage that may ensue.

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