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BC168C View Datasheet(PDF) - Continental Device India Limited

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Continental Device India Limited CDIL
BC168C Datasheet PDF : 5 Pages
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BC167A, BC167B
BC168A, BC168B, BC168C
BC169B, BC169C
Plastic Package
The product information and the selection guides facilitate selection of the CDIL's Discrete Semiconductor Device(s) best suited
for application in your product(s) as per your requirement. It is recommended that you completely review our Data Sheet(s) so as
to confirm that the Device(s) meet functionality parameters for your application. The information furnished in the Data Sheet and
on the CDIL Web Site/CD is believed to be accurate and reliable. CDIL however, does not assume responsibility for inaccuracies
or incomplete information. Furthermore, CDIL does not assume liability whatsoever, arising out of the application or use of any
CDIL product; neither does it convey any license under its patent rights nor rights of others. These products are not designed for
use in life saving/support appliances or systems. CDIL customers selling these products (either as individual Discrete
Semiconductor Devices or incorporated in their end products), in any life saving/support appliances or systems or applications do
so at their own risk and CDIL will not be responsible for any damages resulting from such sale(s).
CDIL strives for continuous improvement and reserves the right to change the specifications of its products without prior notice.
CDIL is a registered Trademark of
Continental Device India Limited
C-120 Naraina Industrial Area, New Delhi 110 028, India.
Telephone + 91-11-579 6150 Fax + 91-11-579 9569, 579 5290
Continental Device India Limited
Data Sheet
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