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UCD90160RGCR View Datasheet(PDF) - Texas Instruments

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UCD90160RGCR 16-Rail Power Supply Sequencer and Monitor with ACPI Support TI
Texas Instruments TI
UCD90160RGCR Datasheet PDF : 56 Pages
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Table 7. WDT Initial Wait Time
0 ms
100 ms
200 ms
400 ms
800 ms
1.6 s
3.2 s
6.4 s
12.8 s
25.6 s
51.2 s
102 s
205 s
410 s
819 s
1638 s
The watchdog timeout is programmable from 0.001s to 32.256s. See the UCD90xxx Sequencer and System
Health Controller PMBus Command Reference for details on configuring the watchdog timeout. If the WDT times
out, the UCD90160 can assert a GPIO pin configured as WDO that is separate from a GPIO defined as system-
reset pin, or it can generate a system-reset pulse. After a timeout, the WDT is restarted by toggling the WDI pin
or by writing to SYSTEM_WATCHDOG_RESET over I2C.
Figure 24. Timing of GPIOs Configured for Watchdog Timer Operation
7.4.17 Run Time Clock
The Run-Time clock output reports in milliseconds and days. Both values are 32-bit numbers. The value is saved
in nonvolatile memory whenever a STORE_DEFAULT_ALL command is issued. It can also be saved when a
power-down condition is detected (See Brownout Function).
The Run-Time clock may also be written. This allows the clock to be periodically corrected by the host. It also
allows the clock to be initialized to the actual, absolute time in years (e.g., March 23, 2010). The user must
translate the absolute time to days and milliseconds.
The three usage scenarios for the Run-Time Clock are:
Time from restart (reset or power-on). Run-Time Clock starts from 0 each time a restart occurs
Absolute run-time, or operating time. Run-Time Clock is preserved across restarts, recording the total time
that the device has been in operation (Note: “Boot time” is not part of this period. Only normal operation time
is captured here.)
Local time. An external processor sets the Run-Time Clock to real-world time each time the device is
The Run-Time clock value is used to timestamp any faults that are logged.
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