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Part NameTPA3002D2 TI
Texas Instruments TI
TPA3002D2 Datasheet PDF : 41 Pages
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The bootstrap capacitors connected between the BSxx pins and corresponding output function as a floating
power supply for the high-side N-channel power MOSFET gate drive circuitry. During each high-side switching
cycle, the bootstrap capacitors attempt to hold the gate-to-source voltage high enough to keep the high-side
MOSFETs turned on. However, there is a leakage path and the voltage on the bootstrap capacitors slowly
decrease while the high-side is conducting.
By driving the outputs into heavy clipping with a sine wave of less than 50 Hz, the bootstrap voltage can
decrease below the minimum Vgs required to keep the high-side output MOSFET turned on. When this occurs,
the output transistor becomes a source-follower and the output drops from VCC to approximately Vclamp (voltage
on pins 25 and 36).
For the majority of applications, driving a square wave at low frequencies is not a design consideration and the
recommended bootstrap capacitor value of 10 nF is acceptable. However, if this is a concern, increasing the
bootstrap capacitors holds the gate voltage for a longer period of time and the drop in the output voltage does
not occur. A value of 220 nF is recommended with a 51 resistor placed in series between the outputs and
bootstrap pins. The 51 series resistor is necessary to limit the current charging and discharging the bootstrap
VCLAMP Capacitors
To ensure that the maximum gate-to-source voltage for the NMOS output transistors is not exceeded, two
internal regulators clamp the gate voltage. Two 1-µF capacitors must be connected from VCLAMPL (pin 25)
and VCLAMPR (pin 36) to ground and must be rated for at least 25 V. The voltages at the VCLAMP terminals
vary with VCC and may not be used for powering any other circuitry.
Internal Regulated 5-V Supply (AVDD)
The AVDD terminal (pin 29) is the output of an internally-generated 5-V supply, used for the oscillator,
preamplifier, and volume control circuitry. It requires a 0.1-µF to 1-µF capacitor, placed very close to the pin,
to ground to keep the regulator stable. The regulator may be used to power an external headphone amplifier
or other circuitry, up to a current limit specified in the specification table. When powering external circuitry, like
the TPA6110A2 headphone amplifier, an additional 10 µF or larger capacitor should be added to the AVDD
(pin 29)
(pin 33)
Ch1 2 V/div
Ch2 5 V/div
M 10.0 µs
Figure 37. Power-Up Response
Differential Input
The differential input stage of the amplifier cancels any noise that appears on both input lines of the channel.
To use the TPA3002D2 EVM with a differential source, connect the positive lead of the audio source to the INP
input and the negative lead from the audio source to the INN input. To use the TPA3002D2 with a single-ended
source, ac ground the INP input through a capacitor equal in value to the input capacitor on INN and apply the
audio source to the INN input. In a single-ended input application, the INP input should be ac-grounded at the
audio source instead of at the device input for best noise performance.
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The TPA3002D2 is a 9-W (per channel) efficient, Class-D audio amplifier for driving bridged-tied stereo speakers. The TPA3002D2 can drive stereo speakers as low as 8 Ω. The high efficiency of the TPA3002D2 eliminates the need for external heatsinks when playing music.
Stereo speaker volume is controlled with a dc voltage applied to the volume control terminal offering a range of gain from –40 dB to 36 dB. Line outputs, for driving external headphone amplifier inputs, are also dc voltage controlled with a range of gain from –56 dB to 20 dB.
An integrated 5-V regulated supply is provided for powering an external headphone amplifier.

● 9-W/Ch Into an 8-Ω Load From 12-V Supply
● Efficient, Class-D Operation Eliminates
   Heatsinks and Reduces Power Supply
● 32-Step DC Volume Control From −40 dB to 36 dB
● Line Outputs For External Headphone
   Amplifier With Volume Control
● Regulated 5-V Supply Output for Powering TPA6110A2
● Space-Saving, Thermally-Enhanced PowerPAD™ Packaging
● Thermal and Short-Circuit Protection

● LCD Monitors and TVs
● Powered Speakers

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