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SP2-L-DC3V Datasheet PDF : 5 Pages
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2c 15A, 4c 10A polarized
power relays
RoHS compliant
Taking advantage of the 4-gap balanced
armature mechanism, S relays have met
a number of relay needs and earned a
reputation for the characteristics that they
provide. Building on the same structure,
the SP relay was introduced as a high-
sensitivity power relay to provide nominal
operating power of 300 mW and
minimum operating power of 150 mW
(single side stable and 2 coil latching
types). Even so, with the nominal
switching capacity for the 2 Form C at 15
A, and for the 4 Form C at 10 A, high-
capacity switching is possible with small
input. Moreover, taking full advantage of
the excellence of the 4-gap balanced
armature mechanism, we have realized a
small, slim form factor that also has
superior resistance to vibration and
shock. This power relay is often chosen
for NC machines and electrical power
remote monitoring control panels, and for
power supplies used in computers and
other equipment. The SP also often
provides power control for high-end
business and industrial equipment.
1. Small, slim form factor
Facilitating the form factor reduction of
devices, the overall height of the relay
package is less than half that of our HP
2. High sensitivity
The high-efficiency polarized
electromagnetic mechanism in
conjunction with our exclusive spring
alignment method achieves levels of
sensitivity higher than relays that have
been available up to now. For both the
2 Form C and 4 Form C single side
stable and 2 coil latching types, the
150 mW minimum operating power
level allows direct driving by transistor
or chip controllers.
3. High reliability and long life
With a structure that ensures almost
perfectly complete twin contact and
minimal contact bounce, you get
greater reliability than has so far been
provided by power relays.
4. Latching types also available
1 coil latching and 2 coil latching types
are available. In cases where it was
formerly unavoidable to use plural
relays for large power memory, you
can now use a single SP relay.
5. Strong resistance to vibration and
Our balanced armature technology
well withstands vibration and shocks. It
provides strong resistance to vibration
and shock.
6. Terminals and mounting boards are
Contact arrangement
2: 2 Form C
4: 4 Form C
Terminal shape
Nil: Plug-in type
P: PC board type
Operating function
Nil: Single side stable
L: 1 coil latching
L2: 2 coil latching
Nominal coil voltage
DC 3, 5, 6, 12, 24, 48 V
Notes: 1. PC board type and 1 coil latching type are manufactured by lot upon receipt of order.
2. Certified by UL, CSA and TÜV
ASCTB208E 201202-T
Panasonic Corporation Automation Controls Business Unit

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