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Micro Linear Corporation
Description : Adjustable Output Low Voltage Boost Regulator with Shutdown

The ML4775 is a boost Regulator designed for DC to DC conversion in 1 to 3 cell battery powered systems. The combination of BiCMOS process technology, internal synchronous rectification, variable frequency operation, And low supply current make the ML4775 ideal for 1 cell applications. The ML4775 is capable of start-up with input Voltages as low as 1V, And the Output Voltage can be set anywhere between 2.5V And 5.5V by an external resistor divider connected to the SENSE pin.
Unlike Regulators using external Schottky Diodes, the ML4775 isolates the load from the battery when the SHDN pin is high. This is accomplished by an integrated synchronous Rectifier which eliminates the need for an external Schottky Diode And provides a lower forward Voltage drop, resulting in higher conversion efficiency. In addition, low quiescent battery current And variable frequency operation result in high efficiency even at light loads. The ML4775 requires a minimum number of external components to build a very small Regulator circuit capable of achieving conversion efficiencies in excess of 90%.

■ Guaranteed start-up And operation at 1V input
■ Pulse Frequency Modulation And Internal Synchronous
   Rectification for high efficiency
■ Isolates the load from the input during shutdown
■ Minimum external components
■ Low ON resistance internal switching FETs
■ Micropower operation
■ Adjustable Output Voltage (2.5V to 5.5V)

Description : Dual Output DC-DC & Linear Regulator IC

Dual Output DC-DC & Linear Regulator IC

The 34710 is a dual-Output power Regulator IC integrating switching Regulator, Linear Regulator, supervisory And power supply sequencing circuitry. With a wide operating input Voltage range of 13 V to 32 V, the 34710 is applicable to many commercial And industrial applications using embedded MCUs.

• Efficient 5.0 V / 3.3 V Buck Regulator
• Low Noise LDO Regulator (mode-selected 3.3V, 2.5V,1.8V, or 1.5V)
• On-Chip Thermal Shutdown Circuitry
• Supervisory Functions (Power-ON Reset And Error Reset Circuitry)
• Sequenced I/O And Core Voltages
• Pb-Free Packaging Designated by Suffix Code EW

Part Name(s) : LM7827
Bay Linear
Description : 1.5A Positive Voltage Regulator

The Bay Linear LM78XX is integrated linear positive Regulator with three terminals. The LM78XX offer several fixed Output Voltages making them useful in wide range of applications. When used as a zener Diode/resistor combination replacement, the LM78XX usually results in an effective
Output impedance improvement oftwo orders of magnitude, lower quiescent current.
The LM78XX is available in the TO-252, TO-220 & TO-263 packages.

•  Output Current of 1.5A
•  Output Voltage Tolerance of 5%
•  Internal thermal overload protection
•  Internal Short-Circuit Limited
•  No External Component
•  Output Voltage 5.0V, 6V, 8V, 9V, 10V, 12V, 15V, 18V, 24V
•  Offer in plastic TO-252, TO-220 & TO-263
•  Direct Replacement for LM78XX

•  Post Regulator for switching DC/DC converter
•  Bias supply for analog circuits



Part Name(s) : AN34001A
Panasonic Corporation
Description : 9-Output Linear Voltage Regulator / 16 pin plastic zigzag inline package with heat sink (ZIP type)

AN34001A is a nine-Output power supply IC, consisting of five Linear Regulator (one adjustable) And four Voltage followers. Seven of the Outputs are controlled by three control switches.

* Thermal protection circuit.
* Short circuit protection circuit
* Over Voltage protection circuit
* Operating supply Voltage range: 6.6 V to 18.0 V (13.2 V typical)
* High maximum operating Voltage: 26 V

Cherry semiconductor
Description : 1.4A Switching Regulator with 5V, 100mA Linear Regulator with Watchdog, RESET And ENABLE

The CS5112 is a dual Output power supply integrated circuit. It contains a 5V ±2%, 100mA Linear Regulator, a watchdog timer, a Linear Output Voltage monitor to provide a Power On Reset (POR) And a 1.4A current mode PWM switching Regulator.

Linear Regulator
   5V ± 2% @ 100mA
■ Switching Regulator
   1.4A Peak Internal Switch 120kHz Maximum Switching Frequency
   5V to 26V Operating Supply Range
■ Smart Functions Watchdog
■ Protection Overtemperature Current Limit ENABLE RESET


Cherry semiconductor
Description : 14.1A switching Regulator with 5V,100mA Linear Regulator with watchdog,reset And enable

The CS5111 is a dual Output power supply integrated circuit. It contains a 5V ±2%, 100mA Linear Regulator, a watchdog timer, a Linear Output Voltage monitor to provide a Power On Reset (POR) And a 1.4A current mode PWM switching Regulator.

Linear Regulator
   5V ± 2% @ 100mA
■ Switching Regulator
   1.4A Peak Internal Switch
   120kHz Maximum Switching Frequency
   5V to 26V Operating Supply Range
■ Smart Functions Watchdog
■ Protection OverVoltage Overtemperature Current Limit
■ 54V Peak Transient Capability ENABLE RESET


Part Name(s) : MAX8704 MAX8704EUB
Maxim Integrated
Description : High-Current, Low-Voltage Linear Regulator with Power-Limited, External MOSFET

General Description
The MAX8704 high-current Linear Regulator uses an external n-channel MOSFET to generate low-Voltage supplies for notebook computers. This Linear Regulator delivers an Output Voltage as low as 0.5V from an input Voltage as low as 1.0V. Normally, this low input requirement would make the design of such a Regulator very difficult. In this application, the 5V bias supply that is always available in the system powers the MAX8704 driver And control circuitry.

♦ Low-Cost, High-Current Linear Regulator
♦ External MOSFET Protection
   MOSFET Power Limit
   50mV (typ) Current Limit
   Thermal Limit
♦ 1.0V to 5.5V Input Supply Voltage
♦ 1.2V or 1.5V Preset, or Adjustable Output Voltage
♦ Power-Good (PGOOD) Open-Drain Output with 3ms Startup Delay
♦ Programmable Soft-Start
♦ Shutdown with Output Discharge

VMCH And VCCP CPU Supplies
Notebook Computers
Desktop Computers
VID Power Supplies
Low-Voltage Bias Supplies

Description : BIPOLAR Linear INTEGRATED CIRCUIT (4 TERMINAL 2A Output LOW DROP Voltage Regulator)

4 TERMINAL 2A Output LOW DROP Voltage Regulator

The KIA278RᴧᴧSeries are Low Drop Voltage Regulator suitable for various electronic equipments.
It provides constant Voltage power source with TO-220 4 terminal lead full molded PKG.
The Regulator has multi function such as over current protection, overheat protection And ON/OFF control.

2.0A Output Low Drop Voltage Regulator.
Built in ON/OFF Control Terminal.
Built in Over Current Protection, Over Heat Protection Function.

Description : LOW Output Voltage, 300mA LOW DROPOUT Linear Regulator

The AIC1737 is a 3-pin low dropout Linear Regulator. The superior characteristics of the AIC1737 include zero base current loss, very low dropout Voltage, And 2% accuracy Output Voltage. Typical ground current remains approximately 55 µA, from no load to maximum loading conditions. Dropout Voltage is exceptionally low. Output current limiting And thermal limiting are built in to provide maximal protection to the AIC1737 against fault conditions.
The AIC1737 comes in the popular 3-pin SOT-89 packages.

• Low Dropout Voltage of 180mV at 100mA Output Current (3.0V Output Version).
• Guaranteed 300mA Output Current.
• Internal 1.3Ω P-MOSFET Draws no Base Current.
• Low Ground Current at 55µA.
• 2% Accuracy Output Voltage of 1.8V/ 2.0V/ 2.5V/ 2.7V/ 3.0V.
• Input Voltage Range up to 12V.
• Needs only 1µF for Stability.
• Current And Thermal Limiting.

Voltage Regulator for CD-ROM Drivers.
Voltage Regulator for LAN Cards.
Voltage Regulator for Microprocessor.
• Wireless Communication Systems.
• Battery Powered Systems.

Part Name(s) : TA8214K
Description : MULTI Output Voltage Regulator (8.3V Output)

MULTI Output Voltage Regulator (8.3V Output)

The TA8214K is Voltage Regulator IC, designed for car audio use, has built-in 4 Outputs. (Fixed 1 Output And changed 3 Outputs.)
Th input-Output differential Voltage : VDIF is very small. (VDIF = 0.3V (Typ.))
Becasue each Outputs consists of PNP Transistor. In addition, protection of over Voltage, Output short And thermal shut down are involved.

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