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FC100 View Datasheet(PDF) - Conexant Systems

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FC100 9600/14400 bps MONOFAX Modem Family Conexant
Conexant Systems Conexant
FC100 Datasheet PDF : 12 Pages
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Selectable error correction coding allows storage in
audio grade RAMs (ARAMs). Echo cancellation
techniques employed during playback allow DTMF,
Type II Caller ID CAS detection, and tone detection
during voice/audio codec operation to support user
selectable features. Dual or single tone transmission is
supported. The coder can record messages from
either the primary or secondary IA.
Speakerphone (-S Option)
The full-duplex speakerphone provides hands-free
telephone conversation employing acoustic and line
echo cancellation and supports intercom conversation
employing dual acoustic echo cancellation.
The optional half-duplex speakerphone provides hand-
free telephone/intercom conversation with exceptional
high gain.
The speakerphone algorithm constantly adjusts its
parameters to deliver the best performance during
real-time conditions, allowing automatic fallback from
full-duplex to pseudo-duplex. The host controller can
easily set up the speaker mute, microphone mute,
automatic gain control (AGC) enable/disable,
microphone level, line level, speaker volume, tone
transmit, and handset functions.
Conversation recording and message playback are
supported during the speakerphone operation. DTMF
detection, Type II Caller ID CAS detection, and three
tone detectors are also supported.
Automatic Speech Recognition (-R Option)
Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) consists of
Speaker Independent (SI) North American English
isolated word recognition for a predefined 69 word
vocabulary list, Speaker Dependent (SD) isolated word
training, and SD isolated word recognition functions.
V.23 Full-Duplex Modem and Caller ID
Both full-duplex transmit and receive (with asymmetric
1200/75 bps connection) and half-duplex (1200 bps)
asynchronous V.23 are supported, as well as both
serial and parallel interfaces to the modem. The V.23
algorithm includes an optional, programmable, receive
compromise equalizer which is active in both V.23 and
Caller ID modes.
Common applications for V.23 include France's Minitel
and Japan's Lowest Cost Routing.
General Purpose Output (GPO) and General Purpose
Input (GPI) pins are available for host assignment.
Additional design information is described in the
FM209 and FM214 MONOFAX Modem Family
Designer's Guide (Order Number 1175).
Table 1. FM209/FM214 Models and Features
Modem Model
Line Speed
14.4 kbps
14.4 kbps
14.4 kbps
14.4 kbps
9.6 kbps
9.6 kbps
9.6 kbps
9.6 kbps
Supported Features
Voice and Audio
Full Duplex
Codecs (-V)
Automatic Speech
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