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LD2981 View Datasheet(PDF) - STMicroelectronics

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LD2981 Ultra low-drop voltage regulators with inhibit STMICROELECTRONICS
LD2981 Datasheet PDF : 27 Pages
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Ultra low-drop voltage regulators with inhibit
Datasheet - production data
Ultra low dropout voltage (0.17 V typ. at 100
mA load, 7 mV typ. at 1 mA load)
Very low quiescent current (80 μA typ. at no
load in on mode; max 1 μA in off mode)
Guaranteed output current up to 100 mA
Logic-controlled electronic shutdown
Output voltage of 2.5; 3.0; 3.3; 5.0 V
Internal current and thermal limit
± 0.75% tolerance output voltage available
(A version)
Output low noise voltage 160 μVRMS
Temperature range: -40 to 125 °C
Small package SOT23-5L and SOT-89
Fast dynamic response to line and load
The LD2981 is a 100 mA fixed-output voltage
regulator. The low-drop voltage and the ultra low
quiescent current make them suitable for low
noise, low power applications and in battery
powered systems.
The quiescent current in sleep mode is less than
1 μA when INHIBIT pin is pulled low. Shutdown
logic control function is available on pin n° 3 (TTL
compatible). This means that when the device is
used as local regulator, it is possible to put a part
of the board in standby, decreasing the total
power consumption. The LD2981 is designed to
work with low ESR ceramic capacitor. Typical
applications are in cellular phone, palmtop/laptop
computer, personal digital assistant (PDA),
personal stereo, camcorder and camera.
April 2016
DocID6279 Rev 17
This is information on a product in full production.
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