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EV2014X View Datasheet(PDF) - Texas Instruments

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
EV2014X Gas Gauge and Fast Charge Evaluation Board TI
Texas Instruments TI
EV2014X Datasheet PDF : 16 Pages
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Data Logging
Display Program Menu
The data log is activated from the Main Menu by select-
ing the Data Log function. A filename to be used and the
log sample period must be entered. For example:
Log Data to Filename: <filename.ext>
Enter Sample Period (10 sec or greater):<xx>
Opening Data Log File
When the data log is started, the Monitor Screen dis-
plays the number of the current log record between the
time and date fields at the top of the screen. To termi-
nate the data log, press the ESCAPE key. The file is
closed and data logging is terminated.
The data log record contains fields of ASCII data sepa-
rated by tab characters. The field names and descrip-
tions in record order are listed below.
Time record written in seconds
LMD value in mAh
NAC value in mAh
Average VSR battery current
Battery cell voltage
Binary setting of FLAGS1 flags:
Bit Meaning
0 EDVF flag state
1 EDV1 flag state
2 Not used
3 VDQ (valid discharge)
4 Capacity inaccurate
5 Battery removed flag state
6 Battery replaced flag state
7 Charge active flag state
Binary setting of FLAGS2 flags:
Bit Meaning
0 Overload flag state
1–3 Not used
4–6 Discharge rate
7 Charge rate
The log records should be readable by most spreadsheet
This menu is accessed by selecting the <Display Pro-
gram> function on the Main Menu. The programming
menu allows the user to set and observe the program
state of the bq2014; see Figure 4. To change the bq2014
PFC programming, reconfigure jumpers JP6–JP10 and
initialize the bq2014. The reset allows the bq2014 to
read the program pins.
Press F1 to enter the value of sense resis-
tor in ohms. Typical values range from
0.02 to 0.1.
The sense resistor value is used by the
EV2014x UIP to develop meaningful in-
formation in terms of A, mA, and mAH in
relation to battery capacity and current.
The default value is 0.1. Values from
0.005 to 0.256 are saved in the battery ID
RAM byte of the bq2014. Values greater
than 0.256 must be re-entered each time
EV2014x is started.
Select the scale factor from the available
scales using JP8 and JP9.
Like the sense resistor, the scale factor is
used to develop meaningful information for
the programmed full count tables, battery
full, and available capacity indications.
PFC Count Program full count from Table 2 from the
bq2014 data sheet.
Select the programmed full count using
JP6 and JP7. Note that the selected PFC
and the sense resistor value are used to
determine the initial battery full capacity
(mAh) represented by the PFC.
This display indicates the battery capacity
represented by dividing the PFC by the
sense resistor. In practice, picking a PFC
and sense resistor that provide a battery
full value slightly lower than (within 5%)
the rated battery capacity is recommended.
Select one of two available self-discharge
rates depending on the application and
battery type using JP10.
Number of
Press F2 to enter the number of cells in
the battery stack. This shows the battery
pack voltage on the monitor screen.
Press F3 to enter the desired end of dis-
charge voltage for the battery pack. The
default value is 1.05V for the bq2014.
Dec. 1996
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