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EV2014X View Datasheet(PDF) - Texas Instruments

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
EV2014X Gas Gauge and Fast Charge Evaluation Board TI
Texas Instruments TI
EV2014X Datasheet PDF : 16 Pages
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Final EDV
This is the state of the EDVF flag as pro-
grammed in the Display Program Menu.
The value of EDVF is 0.1V lower than
EDV1. The EDVF flag latches ON if VSB
drops below the EDVF threshold value.
It remains latched until charging is de-
tected, at which time it is cleared.
This is the state of the battery replaced
flag. It is set (BRP = yes) if the battery
valid condition returns after setting the
battery removed flag. The battery re-
placed flag is cleared if the battery is dis-
charged to the EDV1 level or if it is
charged to NAC = LMD. This flag is set
after a EV2014x initialization.
This is the state of the capacity inaccurate
bit in FLGS1. It is set (CI = yes) to indicate
that the battery capacity has not been up-
dated during the last 64 charge cycles.
This is the number of charge cycles be-
tween an LMD update. This counter is
reset to zero when NAC = LMD after a
valid LMD update.
This indicates the present state of the
FLGS1 resistor.
This indicates the present state of the
FLGS2 resistor.
Digital Magnitude Filter Menu
This menu sets the digital magnitude filter in the
bq2014; see Figure 3. Any value from 1 to 255 is valid.
Suggested values are displayed on the menu.
Modifying NAC and LMD
It is possible to change the values of the NAC and LMD
parameters from the screen using the F1 and F2 func-
tion keys as follows.
Changing NAC (F1)
1) Press the F1 key. The NAC field is highlighted.
2) Enter the value in mAH and press the ENTER
key to store the value.
Note: Changing NAC disqualifies a subsequent
LMD update.
Changing LMD (F2)
1) Press the F2 key. The LMD field is highlighted.
2) Enter the value in mAH and press the ENTER
key to store the value.
Dec. 1996
Benchmarq bq2014 Evaluation Board Digital Magnitude Filter Menu
Enter DMF Value from List below: XXX
Current Setting -0.XXmV=Vsrd +0.XXmV=Vsrq
Current Threshold (DMF(mv)/Rsns): XXXXmA
Suggested DMF Settings:
DMF Vsrd(mV)
75 -0.60
100 -0.45
150 (*) -0.30
175 -0.26
200 -0.23
* = Default Value
ESC to main menu F1 to modify DMF
Figure 3. Digital Magnitude Filter Menu
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