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LC709203FXE-01MH_14 View Datasheet(PDF) - ON Semiconductor

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LC709203FXE-01MH_14 Battery Fuel Gauge LSI for 1-Cell Lithium-ion (Li+) ON-Semiconductor
ON Semiconductor ON-Semiconductor
LC709203FXE-01MH_14 Datasheet PDF : 13 Pages
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Ordering number : ENA2237E
Battery Fuel Gauge LSI
for 1-Cell Lithium-ion (Li+)
The LC709203F is an IC that measures the remaining power level of 1-cell
lithium-ion (Li+) batteries used for portable equipment etc.
This product reduces fuel gauge errors with a unique correction technology
during measurement of battery temperature and voltage.
This technology has inherent high precision without the need for an
external sense resistor.
Wireless Handsets
Smartphones / PDA devices
MP3 players
Digital cameras
Portable Game Players
USB-related devices
High accuracy of remaining battery power measurements
Precision Voltage Measurement
No external sense resistor
Alert function
I2C Interface (up to 400 kHz supported)
Low power consumption
Corresponding battery models for various battery electrode materials
I2C communication pin
: 2 (SDA, SCL)
Battery temperature reading control pin
: 1 (TSW)
Analog voltage input pin for battery temperature : 1 (TSENSE)
External alarm / Interrupt for Low-Battery warning : 1 (ALARMB)
Power supply pin
Package form
: 2 (VSS, VDD)
WDFN8 34, 0.65P : Lead-free type
WLCSP9, 1.601.76 : Lead-free type
WDFN8 3x4, 0.65P
WLCSP9, 1.60x1.76
* I2C Bus is a trademark of Philips Corporation.
See detailed ordering and shipping information on page 13 of this data sheet.
Semiconductor Components Industries, LLC, 2014
September, 2014 Ver. 0.19a
90414HK 20140820-S00032/22014HK /12814HK
/D1113HK/N1213HK/O2313HK No.A2237-1/13
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