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BA05SFP Datasheet PDF : 11 Pages
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Regulator ICs
(9) When the connected load which contains a big inductance component in an output terminal is connected and the
occurrence of a reverse electromotive force can be considered at the time of and power-output OFF at the time of starting,
I ask the insertion of protection diode of you.
(10) Although it is sure that the example of an application circuit should be recommended, in a usage, I fully ask the
validation of a property of you.
In addition, when you alter the circuit constant with outside and you become a usage, please see and decide sufficient
margin in consideration of the dispersion in an external component and IC of our company etc. not only including the static
characteristic but including a transient characteristic.
This IC is monolithic IC and has P+ isolation and P substrate for an isolation between each element.
A P-N junction is formed by these P layers and N layers of each element, and various kinds of parasitic elements are
formed. For example, when the resistor and the transistor are connected with the pin like the example of a simple
At a resistor, it is at the time of GND > (PIN A), at a transistor (NPN), it is at the time of GND > (PIN B),
A P-N junction operates as parasitism diode.
At a transistor (NPN), it is at the time of GND > (PIN B),
The NPN transistor of a parasitic element operates by N layers of other elements which approach with the
above-mentioned parasitism diode.
A parasitic element is inevitably made according to a potential relation on the architecture of IC.
When a parasitic element operates, the interference of a circuit operation is caused and the cause of a malfunction, as a
result a destructive is obtained.
Therefore, please be fully careful of impressing a voltage lower than GND(P substrate) to an input/output terminal etc. not
to carry out usage with which a parasitic element operates.

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