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MC0603N1R0J101LT Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor General Purpose MULTICOMP
MC0603N1R0J101LT Datasheet PDF : 14 Pages
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Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor
General Purpose
Storage and Handling Conditions
(1) To store products at 5 to 40°C ambient temperature and 20 to 70%. related humidity conditions
(2) The product is recommended to be used within one year after shipment. Check solderability in case of shelf life extension is
a. Don.t store products in a corrosive environment such as sulfide, chloride gas, or acid. It may cause oxidization of electrode, which
easily be resulted in poor soldering
b. To store products on the shelf and avoid exposure to moisture
c. Don.t expose products to excessive shock, vibration, direct sunlight and so on
Recommended Soldering Conditions
The lead-free termination MLCCs are not only to be used on SMT against lead-free solder paste, but also suitable against lead
containing solder paste. If the optimized solder joint is requested, increasing soldering time, temperature and concentration of N2
within oven are recommended
Fig. 6 Recommended IR reflow soldering profile
for SMT process with SnAgCu series solder paste
Fig. 7 Recommended wave soldering profile
for SMT process with SnAgCu series solder
Part Number Table
Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor
Part Number
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