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B41851F5109M000 View Datasheet(PDF) - TDK Corporation

Part NameB41851F5109M000 TDK
TDK Corporation TDK
DescriptionAluminum electrolytic capacitors Single-ended capacitors
B41851F5109M000 Datasheet PDF : 37 Pages
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Aluminum electrolytic capacitors
Single-ended capacitors
Series/Type: B41851, B43851
The following products presented in this data sheet are being withdrawn.
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EPCOS AG is a TDK Group Company.
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General-purpose grade capacitors

■ Compact dimensions
■ High CV product, i.e. very compact
■ RoHS-compatible

■ General-purpose applications in the entertainment industry
■ Semi-professional to professional application range
■ For filtering, coupling and pulse circuits
■ Switch-mode power supplies

■ Radial leads
■ Charge-discharge proof, polar
■ Aluminum case with insulating sleeve
■ Minus pole marking on the insulating sleeve
■ Case with safety vent from diameter 6.3 mm

Delivery mode
Terminal configurations and packing:
■ Bulk
■ Taped, Ammo pack
■ Cut
■ Kinked
■ PAPR (protection against polarity reversal): crimped leads, J leads, bent leads

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