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H-8/S36 Просмотр технического описания (PDF) - TE Connectivity

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H-8/S36 Axial Leaded Precision Resistors Te
TE Connectivity Te
H-8/S36 Datasheet PDF : 4 Pages
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Axial Leaded Precision Resistors
Type HOLCO Series
Derating Graph -
Approved and Commercial Ratings
How to Order
Common Part
Resistance Value
1.0 ohm
(1000 milli ohms) 1R0
10 ohm
(10 ohms) 10R
100 ohm
(100 ohms) 100R
1K 0hm
(1000 ohms) 1K0
10K ohm
(10000 ohms) 10K
100K ohm
(100000 ohms) 100K
1M ohm
(1000000 ohms) 1M0
A - 0.05%
B - 0.1%
C - 0.25%
D - 0.5%
F - 1.0%
T.C.R. Code
A - 5ppm
B - 10ppm
Y - 15ppm
D - 25ppm
C - 50ppm
Z - 100ppm
A - Part can only
be sold with
Commercial or
C of C release.
B - Part can be
sold to BS CECC
40101 004,
BS CECC 40101
D - Part can
be sold to
BS CECC 40101
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without notice. Consult TE for the latest dimensions and design specifications.
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