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P-TO220-7-180 View Datasheet(PDF) - Siemens AG

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
P-TO220-7-180 5-V Low-Drop Voltage Regulator Siemens
Siemens AG Siemens
P-TO220-7-180 Datasheet PDF : 16 Pages
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TLE 4267
5-V Low-Drop Voltage Regulator
TLE 4267
q Output voltage tolerance ≤ ± 2 %
q Low-drop voltage
q Very low standby current consumption
q Input voltage up to 40 V
q Overvoltage protection up to 60 V (400 ms)
q Reset function down to 1 V output voltage
q ESD protection up to 2000 V
q Adjustable reset time
q On/off logic
q Overtemperature protection
q Reverse polarity protection
q Short-circuit proof
q Wide temperature range
q Suitable for use in automotive electronics
Ordering Code Package
TLE 4267 Q67000-A9153 P-TO220-7-3
TLE 4267 G Q67006-A9169 P-TO220-7-180 (SMD)
TLE 4267 S Q67000-A9246 P-TO220-7-230
Bipolar IC
Functional Description
TLE 4267 is a 5-V low-drop voltage regulator in a
TO220-7 package. It supplies an output current of > 400 mA. The IC is shortcircuit-proof
and incorporates temperature protection that disables the IC at overtemperature.
The IC regulates an input voltage VI in the range 5.5 V < VI < 40 V to VQrated = 5.0 V. A
reset signal is generated for an output voltage VQ of < 4.5 V. The reset delay can be set
with an external capacitor. The device has two logic inputs. It is turned-ON by a voltage
of > 4 V on E2 by the ignition for example. It remains active as a function of the voltage
on E6, even if the voltage on E2 goes Low. This makes it possible to implement a self-
holding circuit without external components. When the device is turned-OFF, the output
voltage drops to 0 V and current consumption tends towards 0 µA.
Semiconductor Group
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