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W25Q32FWTBIQ Datasheet PDF : 94 Pages
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Three Status and Configuration Registers are provided for W25Q32FW. The Read Status Register-1/2/3
instructions can be used to provide status on the availability of the flash memory array, whether the device
is write enabled or disabled, the state of write protection, Quad SPI setting, Security Register lock status,
Erase/Program Suspend status, output driver strength, and power-up. The Write Status Register instruction
can be used to configure the device write protection features, Quad SPI setting, Security Register OTP locks,
Hold/Reset functions, and output driver strength. Write access to the Status Register is controlled by the state
of the non-volatile Status Register Protect bits (SRP0, SRP1), the Write Enable instruction, and during
Standard/Dual SPI operations, the /WP pin.
7.1 Status Registers
S7 S6 S5 S4 S3 S2 S1 S0
Status Register Protect 0
(Volatile/Non-Volatile Writable)
Sector Protect Bit
(Volatile/Non-Volatile Writable)
Top/Bottom Protect Bit
(Volatile/Non-Volatile Writable)
Block Protect Bits
(Volatile/Non-Volatile Writable)
Write Enable Latch
Erase/Write In Progress
Figure 4a. Status Register-1
7.1.1 Erase/Write In Progress (BUSY) Status Only
BUSY is a read only bit in the status register (S0) that is set to a 1 state when the device is executing a
Page Program, Quad Page Program, Sector Erase, Block Erase, Chip Erase, Write Status Register or
Erase/Program Security Register instruction. During this time the device will ignore further instructions
except for the Read Status Register and Erase/Program Suspend instruction (see tW, tPP, tSE, tBE, and tCE
in AC Characteristics). When the program, erase or write status/security register instruction has completed,
the BUSY bit will be cleared to a 0 state indicating the device is ready for further instructions.
7.1.2 Write Enable Latch (WEL) Status Only
Write Enable Latch (WEL) is a read only bit in the status register (S1) that is set to 1 after executing a Write
Enable Instruction. The WEL status bit is cleared to 0 when the device is write disabled. A write disable
state occurs upon power-up or after any of the following instructions: Write Disable, Page Program, Quad
Page Program, Sector Erase, Block Erase, Chip Erase, Write Status Register, Erase Security Register and
Program Security Register.
7.1.3 Block Protect Bits (BP2, BP1, BP0) Volatile/Non-Volatile Writable
The Block Protect Bits (BP2, BP1, BP0) are non-volatile read/write bits in the status register (S4, S3, and
S2) that provide Write Protection control and status. Block Protect bits can be set using the Write Status
Register Instruction (see tW in AC characteristics). All, none or a portion of the memory array can be
protected from Program and Erase instructions (see Status Register Memory Protection table). The factory
default setting for the Block Protection Bits is 0, none of the array protected.
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