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C-1021E Datasheet PDF : 10 Pages
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1) The Display should be stored at 30or less and 70% RH or less after being shipped from PARA
and the storage life limits are 3 months.
2) PARA Display lead frames are comprised of a stannum plated iron alloy. The silver surface may
be affected by environments which contain corrosive gases and so on. Please avoid conditions
which may cause the Display to corrode, tarnish or discolor. This corrosion or discoloration may
cause difficulty during soldering operations. It is recommended that the Display be used as soon
as possible.
3) Please avoid rapid transitions in ambient temperature, especially, in high humidity environments
where condensation can occur.
1) Thermal design of the end product is of paramount importance. Please consider the heat
generation of the Display when making the system design. The coefficient of temperature increase
per input electric power is affected by the thermal resistance of the circuit board and density of
Display placement on the board, as well as other components. It is necessary to avoid intense
heat generation and operate within the maximum ratings given in this specification.
2) The operating current should be decided after considering the ambient maximum temperature of
Display .
1) Care must be taken to ensure that the reverse voltage will not exceed the absolute maximum
rating when using the Display with matrix drive.
2) Flashing lights have been known to cause discomfort in people; you can prevent this by taking
precautions during use. Also, people should be cautious when using equipment that has had
Display incorporated into it.
3) The Display described in this brochure are intended to be used for ordinary electronic equipment
(such as office equipment, communications equipment, measurement instruments and household
appliances). Consult PARAs sales staff in advance for information on the applications in which
exceptional quality and reliability are required , particularly when the failure or malfunction of the
Display may directly jeopardize life or health (such as for airplanes, aerospace, submersible
repeaters, nuclear reactor control systems, automobiles, traffic control equipment, life support
systems and safety devices).
DRAWING NO. : DS-11-02-0171
DATE : 2013-04-10
Page : 9

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