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KTX2 View Datasheet(PDF) - Radiometrix Ltd

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KTX2 UHF FM Code-Hopping Data Transmitter Module RADIOMETRIX
Radiometrix Ltd RADIOMETRIX
KTX2 Datasheet PDF : 8 Pages
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Duty Cycle requirements
The duty cycle is defined as the ratio, expressed as a percentage, of the maximum transmitter “on” time on
one or more carrier frequencies, relative to a one hour period. Where an acknowledgement message is
required, the additional transmitter “on” time shall be included.
There is a 10% duty cycle restriction on 433.050-434.790 MHz band in most of the EU member states.
The KTX2-433 is a RF module intended to be incorporated into a wide variety of applications and finished
products, Radiometrix has no control over the end use of the KTX2-433.The harmonised band 433.050 to
434.790 MHz as detailed in Annex 1 Band E of CEPT/ERC Recommendation 70-03 (which can be
downloaded at
has list of countries where Duty Cycle restriction apply.
Module users should, therefore, ensure that they comply with the stated Duty Cycle requirements of the
version of CEPT/ERC Recommendation 70-03 in place at the time of incorporation of the KTX2-433 into
their product. It should be noted that the stated Duty Cycle must not be exceeded otherwise any approval
granted for the KTX2-433 will be invalidated.
Variants and ordering information
The KTX2 is available as a standard version:
The standard frequency is 433.92MHz, for other frequency variants, please contact sales
For all other variants please contact Sales department.
To make a complete code-hopping system:
Suitable Receiver module to use with KTX2:
Suitable Decoder IC for use with RX2A:
Or use a complete relay output board (includes RX2A module) for use with KTX2 modules
(mapping the four KTX2 function lines to four change-over relays)
Radiometrix Ltd, KTX2 Data Sheet
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