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KTX2 View Datasheet(PDF) - Radiometrix Ltd

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KTX2 UHF FM Code-Hopping Data Transmitter Module RADIOMETRIX
Radiometrix Ltd RADIOMETRIX
KTX2 Datasheet PDF : 8 Pages
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Antenna requirements
Three types of integral antenna are recommended and approved for use with the module:
A. Helical antenna
0.5 mm enameled copper wire
close wound on 3.2 mm diameter former
433 MHz = 24 turns
C3 C4
B. Loop antenna
Feed point 15% to 25% of total loop length
track width = 1mm
4 to 10 cm2 inside area
C. Whip antenna
wire, rod, PCB-track or a combination
of these three
433 MHz = 16.4 cm total from RF pin.
Fig.5: Antenna configuration
Ultimate performance
Easy of design set-up
Immunity proximity effects
Range open ground to similar antenna
(for KTX2-433 & RX2A-433-10)
Antenna selection chart
A) Helical
Wire coil, connected directly to pin 2, open circuit at other end. This antenna is very
efficient given it's small size (20mm x 4mm dia.). The helical is a high Q antenna, trim the
wire length or expand the coil for optimum results. The helical de-tunes badly with
proximity to other conductive objects.
B) Loop
A loop of PCB track tuned by a fixed or variable capacitor to ground at the 'hot' end and fed
from pin 2 at a point 20% from the ground end. Loops have high immunity to proximity de-
C) Whip
This is a wire, rod, PCB track or combination connected directly to pin 2 of the module.
Optimum total length is 15.5cm (1/4 wave @ 433MHz). Keep the open circuit (hot) end well
away from metal components to prevent serious de-tuning. Whips are ground plane
sensitive and will benefit from internal 1/4 wave earthed radial(s) if the product is small
and plastic cased
The antenna choice and position directly controls the system range. Keep it clear of other metal in the
system, particularly the 'hot' end. The best position by far, is sticking out the top of the product. This is
often not desirable for practical/ergonomic reasons thus a compromise may need to be reached. If an
internal antenna must be used try to keep it away from other metal components, particularly large ones
like transformers, batteries and PCB tracks/earth plane. The space around the antenna is as important as
the antenna itself.
Radiometrix Ltd, KTX2 Data Sheet
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