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N25Q032A21EF4H0F View Datasheet(PDF) - Micron Technology

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N25Q032A21EF4H0F Serial NOR Flash Memory 1.8V, Multiple I/O, 4KB Sector Erase Micron
Micron Technology Micron
N25Q032A21EF4H0F Datasheet PDF : 82 Pages
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32Mb, 1.8V, Multiple I/O Serial Flash Memory
Micron Serial NOR Flash Memory
1.8V, Multiple I/O, 4KB Sector Erase
N25Q032A11E124xx, N25Q032A11EF440x, N25Q032A11ESE40x,
N25Q032A11ESF40x, N25Q032A11EF840x, N25Q032A11EF640x
• SPI-compatible serial bus interface
• 108 MHz (MAX) clock frequency
• 1.7–2.0V single supply voltage
• Dual/quad I/O instruction provides increased
throughput up to 432 MHz
• Supported protocols
– Extended SPI, dual I/O, and quad I/O
• Execute-in-place (XIP) mode for all three protocols
– Configurable via volatile or nonvolatile registers
– Enables memory to work in XIP mode directly af-
ter power-on
• Continuous read of entire memory via a single com-
– Fast read
– Quad or dual output fast read
– Quad or dual I/O fast read
• Flexible to fit application
– Configurable number of dummy cycles
– Output buffer configurable
• Software reset
• 64-byte, user-lockable, one-time programmable
(OTP) dedicated area
• Erase capability
– Subsector erase 4KB uniform granularity blocks
– Sector erase 64KB uniform granularity blocks
– Full-chip erase
• Write protection
– Software write protection applicable to every
64KB sector via volatile lock bit
– Hardware write protection: protected area size
defined by four nonvolatile bits (BP0, BP1, BP2,
and TB)
– Additional smart protections, available upon re-
• Electronic signature
– JEDEC-standard 2-byte signature (BB16h)
– Unique ID code (UID): 17 read-only bytes, in-
• Two additional extended device ID (EDID)
bytes to identify device factory options
• Customized factory data (14 bytes)
• Minimum 100,000 ERASE cycles per sector
• More than 20 years data retention
• Packages JEDEC standard, all RoHS compliant
– F4 = UF-PDFN-8 4mm x 3mm (MLP8 4mm x
– F6 = V-PDFN-8 6mm x 5mm ( MLP8 6mm x
5mm )
– F8 = V-PDFN-8 8mm x 6mm (MLP8 8mm x 6mm)
– 12 = T-PBGA-24b05 6mm x 8mm
– SF = SOP2-16 300 mils body width (SO16W)
– SE = SOP2-8 208 mils body width (SO8W)
PDF: 09005aef84566617
n25q_32mb_1_8v_65nm.pdf - Rev. E 6/12 EN
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