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1-1393238-5 Просмотр технического описания (PDF) - TE Connectivity

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1-1393238-5 General Purpose Relays Power PCB Relay RT1 Te
TE Connectivity Te
1-1393238-5 Datasheet PDF : 4 Pages
1 2 3 4
THT version
General Purpose Relays
PCB Relays
Power PCB Relay RT1 (Continued)
THR version (reflow solderable)
Process conditions for Reflow soldering
according to EN61760-1
Product code structure
Typical product code RT 3
4 024
RT Power PCB Relay RT1
1 12A, pinning 3.5mm, flux proof
2 12A, pinning 5mm, flux proof *)
3 16A, pinning 5mm, flux proof
B 12A, pinning 3.5mm, wash tight
D 16A, pinning 5mm, wash tight
Contact arrangement
1 1 form C (CO) contact
3 1 form A (NO) contact
Contact material
4 AgNi 90/10
5 AgNi 90/10 gold plated (for type RT31.)
Coil code: please refer to coil versions table
Blank Standard version
WG Product in accordance with IEC 60335-1 (domestic appliances)
Reflow solderable
*) Wash tight version on request
07-2012, Rev. 0712
© 2011 Tyco Electronics Corporation,
a TE Connectivity Ltd. company
Datasheets and product specification
according to IEC 61810-1 and to be used
only together with the ‘Definitions’ section.
Datasheets and product data is subject to the Datasheets, product data, ‘Definitions’ sec-
terms of the disclaimer and all chapters of
tion, application notes and all specifications
the ‘Definitions’ section, available at
are subject to change.
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