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TS1117BCS18RLG View Datasheet(PDF) - TSC Corporation

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
TS1117BCS18RLG 1A Low Dropout Positive Voltage Regulator TSC
TSC Corporation TSC
TS1117BCS18RLG Datasheet PDF : 7 Pages
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1A Low Dropout Positive Voltage Regulator
Pin Definition:
1. Fixed / Adj
2. Output (Tab)
3. Input
Pin Definition:
1. Fixed / Adj
2. Output
3. Output
4. Input
8. N/C
7. Output
6. Output
5. N/C
General Description
TS1117B are high performance positive voltage regulators are designed for use in applications requiring low
dropout performance at full rated current, Additionally, TS1117B provides excellent regulation over variations due
to changes in line, load and temperature. Outstanding features include low dropout performance at rated current,
fast transient response, internal current limiting and thermal shutdown protection of the output device. TS1117B
are three terminal regulators with fixed and adjustable voltage options available in popular packages.
Low Dropout Performance 1.5V max.
Fill Current Rating Over Line and Temperature
Fast Transient Response
±2% Total Output Regulation Over Line, Load
and Temperature
Adjust Pin Current max 90uA Over Temperature
Line Regulation Typical 0.015%
Load Regulation Typical 0.05%
Fixed / Adjustable Output Voltage
Typical Application Circuit
Ordering Information
Part No.
TS1117BCPxx ROG TO-252 2.5Kpcs / 13” Reel
TS1117BCWxx RPG SOT-223 2.5Kpcs / 13” Reel
TS1117BCSxx RLG SOP-8 2.5Kpcs / 13” Reel
Note: Where xx denotes voltage option, available are
50=5VV, 33=3.3V, 25=2.5V,
18=1.8V,15=1.5V, 12=1.2V.
Leave blank for adjustable version.
“G” denotes Halogen Free Products
Fixed Output Voltage Version
Block Diagram
VOUT = VREF(1+R2/R1) + Iadj R2
Adjustable Output Voltage Version
Version: D12
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