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KM4111IT5 View Datasheet(PDF) - Fairchild Semiconductor

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KM4111IT5 0.2mA, Low Cost, +2.7V & +5V, 35MHz Rail-to-Rail Amplifiers Fairchild
Fairchild Semiconductor Fairchild
KM4111IT5 Datasheet PDF : 10 Pages
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Figure 4: Typical Topology for driving
a capacitive load
Layout Considerations
General layout and supply bypassing play major
roles in high frequency performance. Fairchild has
evaluation boards to use as a guide for high frequency
layout and to aid in device testing and characterization.
Follow the steps below as a basis for high frequency
I Include 6.8µF and 0.01µF ceramic capacitors
I Place the 6.8µF capacitor within 0.75 inches
of the power pin
I Place the 0.01µF capacitor within 0.1 inches
of the power pin
I Remove the ground plane under and around the
part, especially near the input and output pins to
reduce parasitic capacitance
I Minimize all trace lengths to reduce
series inductances
Refer to the evaluation board layouts shown in Figure 6
for more information.
Evaluation Board Information
The following evaluation boards are available to aid
in the testing and layout of this device:
Evaluation board schematics and layouts are shown in
Figure 5 and Figure 6.
The KEB002 evaluation board is built for dual supply
operation. Follow these steps to use the board in a
single supply application:
1. Short -Vs to ground
2. Use C3 and C4, if the -Vs pin of the KM4111
or KM4121 is not directly connected to the
ground plane.
Figure 5: Evaluation Board Schematic
Eval Board
Single Channel,
Dual Supply 5 & 6 lead SOT23 KM4121IT6
REV. 1B June 2001
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