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T0220 Просмотр технического описания (PDF) - International Rectifier

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T0220 T0247 / T0220 Products Manufactured at IRGB IGBT / CoPack IR
International Rectifier IR
T0220 Datasheet PDF : 35 Pages
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The reliability report is a summary of the test data collated since the
implementation of the reliability programme. This report will be periodically
updated typically on a quarterly basis. Future publications of this report will
also include as appropriate additional information to assist the user in the
interpretation of the data provided. The programme covers only IGBT /
CoPack manufactured products at IRGB, Holland Road, Oxted. The
reliability data provided in this report are for the package types TO247 and
Further information regarding reliability data is available in the IR data book
IGBT-3, pages E-65-E-72. This also, is available from the Oxted office.
Reliability Engineering _____________________________________
Quality Manager
IGBT / CoPack
Quarterly Reliability Report
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