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CXL5502P View Datasheet(PDF) - Sony Semiconductor

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
CXL5502P CMOS-CCD 1H Delay Line for NTSC Sony
Sony Semiconductor Sony
CXL5502P Datasheet PDF : 13 Pages
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Description of Function
In the CXL5502M/N/P, the condition of I/O control pins (Pins 2 and 3) control the input signal clamp condition
and the mode of the output signal with relation to its input signal.
There are 2 modes for the I/O signal.
Input waveform
Output waveform
(1) PN mode
(Low level clamp/reverse phase output mode)
(2) NP mode
(High level clamp/positive phase output mode)
I/O Control Pin
(1) I/O1 (Pin 2)
Control of the I/O signal condition
DC open ..... Input signal is low level clamped and the output signal is inverted in relation to the input
signal. As the pin is biased to 2.5V by means of the resistance inside the IC, a decoupling
capacitor of around 1000pF is necessary.
GND ............. Input signal is high level clamped and the output signal turns into an inverted signal.
(2) I/O2 (Pin 3)
Control of the input signal clamp condition
0V ................. Internal clamp condition
5V ................. Non internal clamp condition
Center biased to approx. 2.1V by means of the IC internal resistance (several 10k).
Usage in this mode is limited to APL 50% signals and in this mode, the maximum input
signal amplitude is 200mVp-p.
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