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P-1620A-CA(50) View Datasheet(PDF) - HIROSE ELECTRIC

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P-1620A-CA(50) Datasheet PDF : 32 Pages
Mouser Electronics
Authorized Distributor
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Hirose Electric:
S-1608A(09) S-1612A(09) S-1616A(09) S-1620A(09) S-1624A(09) S-1628A(09) S-1634A(09) S-1645A(09) S-
1660A(09) P-1608A-C(50) P-1612A-C(50) P-1616A-C(50) P-1620A-C(50) P-1624A-C(50) P-1628A-C(50) P-1634A-
C(50) P-1645A-C(50) P-1608A-ST(51) P-1612A-ST(51) P-1616A-ST(51) P-1620A-ST(51) P-1624A-ST(51) P-
1628A-ST(51) P-1634A-ST(51) P-1645A-ST(51) P-1660A-ST(51) S-1608G(09) S-1612G(09) S-1616G(09) S-
1620G(09) S-1624G(09) S-1628G(09) S-1634G(09) S-1645G(09) S-1660G(09) P-1634A-CA(50) P-1645A-CA(50)
P-1660A-CA(50) S-1634A-STA(50) S-1634A-STA(51) S-1645A-STA(51) S-1660A-STA(50) S-1660A-STA(51) P-
1634A-STA(51) P-1645A-STA(51) P-1660A-STA(51) S-1634A-CA(50) S-1634A-CA(51) S-1645A-CA(50) S-1645A-
CA(51) S-1660A-CA(51) S-1620A-J(50) S-1624A-J(50) S-1628A-J(50) S-1634A-J(50) P-1624A-CA(50) S-1624A-
STA(50) S-1624A-STA(51) P-1620A-CA(50) P-1628A-CA(50) S-1620A-STA(51) S-1628A-STA(51) S-1620A-CA(50)
S-1620A-CA(51) S-1624A-CA(50) S-1624A-CA(51) S-1628A-CA(50) S-1628A-CA(51) P-1620A-STA(51) P-1624A-
STA(51) P-1628A-STA(51) P-1608BA(09) P-1612BA(09) P-1616BA(09) P-1620BA(09) P-1624BA(09) P-
1628BA(09) P-1634BA(09) P-1645BA(09) P-1660BA(09) P-1608BG(09) P-1612BG(09) P-1616BG(09) P-
1620BG(09) P-1624BG(09) P-1628BG(09) P-1634BG(09) P-1645BG(09) P-1660BG(09) SW-1608A(09) SW-
1612A(09) SW-1616A(09) SW-1620A(09) SW-1624A(09) SW-1628A(09) SW-1634A(09) SW-1645A(09) SW-
1660A(09) PW-1608BA(09) PW-1612BA(09)

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