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BA-2R280-A2 Datasheet PDF : 27 Pages
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MICRO SWITCH™ Large Premium Basic Switches
Accurate, reliable, and repeatable, MICRO SWITCH™ BZ/BA/BM/BE Series features precise operating characteristics
and enhanced life. These premium, large snap-action switches offer precision operation and sensitive differential
Utilizing state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and quality controls, Honeywell has engineered premium, large
snap-action switches that meet various international agency requirements. Some models have military qualifications.
MICRO SWITCH™ BZ/BA/BM/BE Series are often used for precision on/off applications, as well as end of limit,
presence/absence, and manual operator interface functions.
Their engineered design is suitable for various application needs. Configured options with BZ, BA, BM, and BE
switches provide a wide variety of operating and interface characteristics.
The MICRO SWITCH™ 6AS Series consists of two large premium BZ/BA/BM/BE snap-action switches ganged
together and actuated by a single actuator. Field adjustable operating point is an option for one or both switches.
What makes our switches better?
• Industry-leading temperature range for options up to 204 °C
[400 °F] and temperatures as low as -55 °C [-67 °F]
• Exclusive current carrying capability of up to 25 A
• International approvals: UL, CSA, ENEC, CE listings
• Options for circuitry, styles, connection types and a wide
selection of actuator styles
• Dependable performance -
tested up to 20 million mechanical cycles
• MICRO SWITCH™ legacy and expertise - over 75 years of
engineering excellence and experience
Operating in extreme
temperatures is
all in a day’s work for
large basics!

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