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ADC0801 8-Bit µP Compatible A/D Converters TI
Texas Instruments TI
ADC0801 Datasheet PDF : 48 Pages
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Understanding A/D Error Specs
A perfect A/D transfer characteristic (staircase waveform) is shown in Figure 45. The horizontal scale is analog
input voltage and the particular points labeled are in steps of 1 LSB (19.53 mV with 2.5V tied to the VREF/2 pin).
The digital output codes that correspond to these inputs are shown as D1, D, and D+1. For the perfect A/D, not
only will center- value (A1, A, A+1, . . . . ) analog inputs produce the cor- rect output digital codes, but also each
riser (the transitions between adjacent output codes) will be located ±12 LSB away from each center-value. As
shown, the risers are ideal and have no width. Correct digital output codes will be provided for a range of analog
input voltages that extend ±12 LSB from the ideal center-values. Each tread (the range of analog input voltage
that provides the same digital output code) is therefore 1 LSB wide.
Figure 46 shows a worst case error plot for the ADC0801. All center-valued inputs are guaranteed to produce the
correct output codes and the adjacent risers are specified to be no closer to the center-value points than ±1/4
LSB. In other words, if we apply an analog input equal to the center-value ±1/4 LSB, we guarantee that the A/D
will produce the correct digital code. The maximum range of the position of the code transition is indicated by the
horizontal arrow and it is specified to be no more than 1/2 LSB.
The error curve of Figure 47 shows a worst case error plot for the ADC0802. Here we guarantee that if we apply
an analog input equal to the LSB analog voltage center-value the A/D will produce the correct digital code.
Next to each transfer function is shown the corresponding error plot. Many people may be more familiar with
error plots than transfer functions. The analog input voltage to the A/D is provided by either a linear ramp or by
the discrete output steps of a high resolution DAC. Notice that the error is continuously displayed and includes
the quantization uncertainty of the A/D. For example the error at point 1 of Figure 45 is +12 LSB because the
digital code appeared 12 LSB in advance of the center-value of the tread. The error plots always have a
constant negative slope and the abrupt up- side steps are always 1 LSB in magnitude.
Figure 45. Clarifying the Error Specs of an A/D Converter Accuracy=±0 LSB: A Perfect A/D
Figure 46. Clarifying the Error Specs of an A/D Converter Accuracy =±14 LSB
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