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ADC0801 8-Bit P Compatible A/D Converters TI
Texas Instruments TI
ADC0801 Datasheet PDF : 48 Pages
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ADC0801, ADC0802
ADC0803, ADC0804, ADC0805
fC=20 Hz
Uses Chebyshev implementation for steeper roll-off unity-gain, 2nd order, low-pass filter
Adding a separate filter for each channel increases system response time if an analog multiplexer is used
Figure 37. 3-Decade Logarithmic A/D Converter
Figure 38. Noise Filtering the Analog Input
*A/D output data is updated 1 CLK period prior to assertion of INTR
Figure 39. Output Buffers with A/D Data Enabled
Figure 40. Multiplexing Differential Inputs
*Allows output data to set-up at falling edge of CS
Figure 41. Increasing Bus Drive and/or
Reducing Time on Bus
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