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Questions to ask at design in
What wire gauge and insulation type will you be using?
The connectors accept 18-24 AWG stranded and solid wire
(separate part numbers per wire size and connector type) with
varying maximum insulation outside diameters per wire gauge.
What should be the design criteria for choosing either
the closed end or feed thru versions of the connectors?
Closed end connectors should be chosen when attaching power
leads to a single printed circuit board. However, in applications
that require bringing power to multiple printed circuit boards,
feed thru connectors provide a more flexible solution.
Is your manufacturing process automated?
The connectors are manufactured in high temperature
plastic material and tape and reel packaged for high
speed SMT reflow or thru-hole wave solder processing.
What application tooling options are available?
The pre-assembled connector cover serves two purposes:
One, it positions and retains the wire in the pre-stage position.
Two, it serves as a wire stuffer for tool-less termination while
providing strain relief to the terminated wire. Customers
should provide simple “flat rock” tooling to fully seat the
cover to complete the termination process.
What mechanical and electrical testing has the connectors
been subjected to that validates their long term performance?
The TE Product Specification 108-2404 provides a summary
of the test groups, sequences and results that the product was
subjected in to during product qualification testing.
What applications dictate the use of either surface mount
or thru hole connectors?
The SMT connectors will be used in the majority of the
LED applications on aluminum clad printed circuit boards.
However, for non-lighting applications that require bringing
wire leads to FR4 printed circuit boards mounted with thru
hole components, customers will find the thru-hole connectors
more advantageous.
What special retention mechanisms are available to help
ensure PCB stability?
The Thru-hole connectors have two off-set legs per terminal
and the SMT connectors have solder tabs to help ensure
printed circuit board stability.
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