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MSA-3111-TR1G View Datasheet(PDF) - Avago Technologies

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MSA-3111-TR1G Silicon Bipolar RFIC Amplifers Avagotech
Avago Technologies Avagotech
MSA-3111-TR1G Datasheet PDF : 7 Pages
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MSA-3111, MSA-3186
Silicon Bipolar RFIC Amplifiers
Data Sheet
The MSA-31XX series are high performance silicon bi-
polar RFIC amplifiers designed to be cascadable in 50 Ω
systems. The stability factor of K > 1 contrib­utes to easy
cascading in numerous narrow and broad­band IF and RF
commercial and industrial applications.
The MODAMP MSA series is fabricated using a 10 GHz fT,
25 GHz FMAX, silicon bipolar RFIC process which utilizes
nitride self-alignment, ion implantation, and gold metalli­
zation to achieve excellent uniformity, performance, and
reliability. The use of an external bias resistor for tem­
perature and current stability also allows bias flexibility.
Package options include the industry standard plastic
surface mount SOT-143 package and the 85 mil surface
mountable plastic microstripline package.
Surface Mount SOT-143 Package
3 dB Bandwidth: DC to 0.5 GHz
18.4 dB Gain at 1 GHz
3.5 dB NF at 1 GHz
Lead-free Option Available
Surface Mount Plastic Microstrip Package
3 dB Bandwidth: DC to 0.5 GHz
18.7 dB Gain at 1 GHz
3.5 dB NF at 1 GHz
Lead-free Option Available
Pin Connections and Package Marking
Top View. Package Marking provides orientation and identification.
"x" is the date code.
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