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GMK316BJ010KL-T Datasheet PDF : 48 Pages
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◆Adjustment of mounting machine
1. When the bottom dead center of a pick-up nozzle is too low, excessive force is imposed on capacitors and causes damages. To avoid
this, the following points shall be considerable.
(1)The bottom dead center of the pick-up nozzle shall be adjusted to the surface level of PCB without the board deflection.
(2)The pressure of nozzle shall be adjusted between 1 and 3 N static loads.
(3)To reduce the amount of deflection of the board caused by impact of the pick-up nozzle, supporting pins or back-up pins shall be
used on the other side of the PCB. The following diagrams show some typical examples of good and bad pick-up nozzle
Improper method
Proper method
Single-sided mounting
or cracking
supporting pins
or back-up pins
Double-sided mounting
or cracking
supporting pins
or back-up pins
2. As the alignment pin is worn out, adjustment of the nozzle height can cause chipping or cracking of capacitors because of mechanical
impact on the capacitors.
To avoid this, the monitoring of the width between the alignment pins in the stopped position, maintenance, check and replacement of
the pin shall be conducted periodically.
◆Selection of Adhesives
Some adhesives may cause IR deterioration. The different shrinkage percentage of between the adhesive and the capacitors may result in
stresses on the capacitors and lead to cracking. Moreover, too little or too much adhesive applied to the board may adversely affect
components. Therefore, the following precautions shall be noted in the application of adhesives.
(1)Required adhesive characteristics
a. The adhesive shall be strong enough to hold parts on the board during the mounting & solder process.
b. The adhesive shall have sufficient strength at high temperatures.
c. The adhesive shall have good coating and thickness consistency.
d. The adhesive shall be used during its prescribed shelf life.
e. The adhesive shall harden rapidly.
f. The adhesive shall have corrosion resistance.
g. The adhesive shall have excellent insulation characteristics.
h. The adhesive shall have no emission of toxic gasses and no effect on the human body.
(2)The recommended amount of adhesives is as follows;
[Recommended condition]
Amount adhesive
After capacitor are bonded
212/316 case sizes as examples
0.3mm min
100 to 120μm
Adhesives shall not contact land
4. Soldering
◆Selection of Flux
Since flux may have a significant effect on the performance of capacitors, it is necessary to verify the following conditions prior to use;
(1)Flux used shall be less than or equal to 0.1 wt%( in Cl equivalent) of halogenated content. Flux having a strong acidity content shall
not be applied.
(2)When shall capacitors are soldered on boards, the amount of flux applied shall be controlled at the optimum level.
(3)When water-soluble flux is used, special care shall be taken to properly clean the boards.
Temperature, time, amount of solder, etc. shall be set in accordance with their recommended conditions.
Sn-Zn solder paste can adversely affect MLCC reliability.
Please contact us prior to usage of Sn-Zn solder.
◆Selection of Flux
1-1. When too much halogenated substance(Chlorine, etc.) content is used to activate flux, or highly acidic flux is used, it may lead to
corrosion of terminal electrodes or degradation of insulation resistance on the surfaces of the capacitors.
1-2. Flux is used to increase solderability in wave soldering. However if too much flux is applied, a large amount of flux gas may be emitted
and may adversely affect the solderability. To minimize the amount of flux applied, it is recommended to use a flux-bubbling system.
1-3. Since the residue of water-soluble flux is easily dissolved in moisture in the air, the residues on the surfaces of capacitors in high
humidity conditions may cause a degradation of insulation resistance and reliability of the capacitors. Therefore, the cleaning
methods and the capability of the machines used shall also be considered carefully when water-soluble flux is used.
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