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YGV619 Datasheet PDF : 15 Pages
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q Priority of display planes
Regular priority: Plane D > Plane C > Plane B > Plane A > Back drop plane
The priority can be changed by region.
q α blending function (64 intensity level)
Blending weight can be set by dot.
q Flicker cancel filter is built in.
Enabling / disabling flicker cancel function can be set by region.
q 8 bit DACs are built in for R, G and B individually. (Max. operating frequency: 80 MHz)
q Two PLLs are built in. (1: Generates SDRAM clock and system clock 2: Generates dot clock)
q Display monitor control
· Display resolution and scanning frequency can be set optionally.
This function is compatible with progressive scanning and interlaced scanning modes.
NTSC subcarrier output
q SDRAM can be added externally as VRAM (SDRAM generation clock frequency: Max. 80 MHz.)
·16 bit bus
512k words × 16 bits × 2 banks × 1 pc. (capacity: 2M bytes)
1M words × 16 bits × 4 banks × 1 pc. (capacity: 8M bytes)
2M words × 16 bits × 2 banks × 1 pc. (capacity: 8M bytes)
·32 bit bus
512k words × 16 bits × 2 banks × 2 pcs. (capacity: 4M bytes)
512k words × 32 bits × 4 banks × 1 pc. (capacity: 8M bytes)
1M words × 16 bits × 4 banks × 2 pcs. (capacity: 16M bytes)
2M words × 16 bits × 2 banks × 2 pcs. (capacity: 16M bytes)
q CPU interface
Compatible with 16/32 bit CPU. Various built-in tables can be mapped on CPU space.
Compatible with little endian and big endian
q Package: 240SQFP (YGV619-S)
q Operating temperature range: -45 to +85°C
q Power supply: 3.3V, single power supply
Supplementary information:
For YGV619, Application Manual that details the specifications of the device and the evaluation board
(MSY619DB01) are available in addition to this brochure.
The evaluation board is equipped with an SDRAM of 16 MB as a video memory. A high performance system
can be realized when it is used with Hitachi’s CPU board, Super H Solution Engine.
The device driver provided by Yamaha and attached to the evaluation
board consists of the main body of the driver and API related layers,
allowing the user to build it into the system easily according to the
For the details of these products, inquire of the sales agents or our
business offices.
For CPU board, inquire of: Hitachi ULSI Systems Co., Ltd.

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