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HC2H-AC110/120V View Datasheet(PDF) - Panasonic Corporation

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HC2H-AC110/120V HC RELAYS Relay for control panel of 1A to 10A (1c/2c/3c/4c) Panasonic
Panasonic Corporation Panasonic
HC2H-AC110/120V Datasheet PDF : 18 Pages
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1c, 2c, 4c
HC RELAYS Relay for control panel of
1A to 10A (1c/2c/3c/4c)
Standard Amber sealed
1. Standard type, Amber sealed type
and Keep type
2. Rich lineup includes relays with
operating indication, with diode and
with CR circuit
3. Full range of types
Plug-in type, PC board type and TM
4. Sockets and terminal sockets are
With CR circuit
Keep relay
With diode
RoHS compliant
1. Factory automation equipment and
automotive devices
2. Control panels, power supply
equipment, molding equipment,
machine tools, welding equipment,
agricultural equipment, etc.
3. Office equipment, automatic
vending machines,
telecommunications equipment,
disaster prevention equipment,
copiers, measuring devices, medical
equipment, amusement devices, etc.
4. All types of household appliance
Contact arrangement
1: 1 Form C
2: 2 Form C
3: 3 Form C
4: 4 Form C
4D: Bifurcated contact (twin)
Nil: Standard type
E: Amber sealed type (Only 1 Form C and 2 Form C)
ED: Amber sealed type bifurcated contact (twin) (Only 4 Form C)
K: Keep type
Terminal arrangement
H: Plug-in type
HL: Plug-in with LED indication
L: Plug-in with LED indication (Amber sealed type)
HP: PC board type
PL: PC board with LED indication
HPL: PC board with LED indication (Amber sealed type)
HTM: TM type
Nominal coil voltage
AC 6, 12, 24, 48, 100 (100/110), 120 (110/120), 200 (200/220), 240 (220/240) V
DC 6, 12, 24, 48, 100 (100/110) V
Surge suppression
D: With diode R: With CR curcuit
Contact material
Contact arrangement
Contact material
1 Form C
2 Form C
3 Form C
4 Form C
4-pole bifurcated (twin)
AgSnO2 type
AgNi type
Notes: Certified by UL and CSA (except for keep type)
Please consult us about VDE (1 Form C, 2 Form C, and 4 Form C only) and TV-3 (1 Form C and 2 Form C only) approved products.
ASCTB4E 201201-T
Panasonic Corporation Automation Controls Business Unit
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