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OAA160-2015 데이터 시트보기 (PDF) - IXYS CORPORATION

OAA160(2015) Optocoupler, Bidirectional Input Single-Transistor Output IXYS
OAA160 Datasheet PDF : 6 Pages
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Product Change Notification (PCN)
PCN1040A Laser Brand Transition Amendment to Correct and Clarify PCN1040
September 4, 2015
This PCN is an amendment to provide a detailed part number listing of the devices affected by
PCN1040 and further clarify the original notification.
Detailed Description of Change
IXYS Integrated Circuits Division has been converting from device ink branding to laser marking as
stated in "PCN1040 Laser Branding Transition" dated March 30,2015. That change only affects the
visual appearance (or “form”) of the devices listed in Product Change Notification PCN1040.
The manufacturing process change took effect on June 28, 2015 which coincides with date code 1527,
(27th week of 2015), a visible identifier on the product.
For each product affected by that change, its complete set of unique part numbers is provided in the
listing shown on the following pages of this change notice.
Due to existing inventory, some shipments may contain ink-branded devices for a period of time. Some
shipments may contain both ink-branded and laser-marked parts. At no time will ink-branded and
laser-marked parts be combined into the lowest-level shipping container (i.e. tube or tape and reel).
Ink-branded devices may continue to be shipped for a period of two years following the effective date or
until inventory of ink-branded parts subject to the change is depleted.
The PCN number assigned to this notification is PCN1040A and should be referenced in any
correspondence related to the change.
Please see the complete part number list of affected devices below.
Reason for Change
The adjustment in package branding will improve efficiency and automation. No other characteristics of
the part will change.
Anticipated Impact on Quality and Reliability
The change will have no affect on product quality or reliability.
Contact Information
For any questions related to the PCN notice, please contact IXYS Integrated Circuits Division’s Quality
Assurance Department as indicated below:
Martha Brandt
Quality Assurance Department
IXYS Integrated Circuits Division
78 Cherry Hill Dr.
Beverly MA, 01915
Phone: 978-524-6700
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