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64Gb, 128Gb, 256Gb, 512Gb Asynchronous/Synchronous NAND
Reset Operations
Reset Operations
The RESET (FFh) command is used to put a target into a known condition and to abort
command sequences in progress. This command is accepted by all die (LUNs), even
when they are busy.
When FFh is written to the command register, the target goes busy for tRST. During
tRST, the selected target (CE#) discontinues all array operations on all die (LUNs). All
pending single- and multi-plane operations are cancelled. If this command is issued
while a PROGRAM or ERASE operation is occurring on one or more die (LUNs), the data
may be partially programmed or erased and is invalid. The command register is cleared
and ready for the next command. The data register and cache register contents are invalid.
RESET must be issued as the first command to each target following power-up (see De-
vice Initialization (page 46)). Use of the READ STATUS ENHANCED (78h) command is
prohibited during the power-on RESET. To determine when the target is ready, use
If the RESET (FFh) command is issued when the synchronous interface is enabled, the
target's interface is changed to the asynchronous interface and the timing mode is set
to 0. The RESET (FFh) command can be issued asynchronously when the synchronous
interface is active, meaning that CLK does not need to be continuously running when
CE# is transitioned LOW and FFh is latched on the rising edge of CLK. After this com-
mand is latched, the host should not issue any commands during tITC. After tITC, and
during or after tRST, the host can poll each LUN's status register.
If the RESET (FFh) command is issued when the asynchronous interface is active, the
target's asynchronous timing mode remains unchanged. During or after tRST, the host
can poll each LUN's status register.
Figure 37: RESET (FFh) Operation
Cycle type
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