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YDA144 Datasheet PDF : 26 Pages
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Power-down Function
This is the function to turn Rch into the power-down mode when setting /SDR terminal to a logic Low level and to turn Lch
into the power-down mode when setting /SDL terminal to a logic Low level. The power-down mode stops all the functions
and minimizes current consumption. At this time, the differential output signal becomes Weak Low state (a state grounded
through high resistivity).
YDA144 will start up within the start-up time (Tstup) when setting /SDR and /SDL terminals to a logic High state.
When using a device while Non-Clip function is ON, power down state of both channels is released and used.
Please do not adjust the AVDD power supply voltage to less than 2V, when set to power down with the voltage
impressed to the PVDD power supply terminal.
Power up the PVDD supply voltage in conjunction with the AVDD regulation circuit when AVDD is generated by
regulating PVDD.
AVDD voltage should be within the range of 2VAVDDPVDD as shown in the following figure when the AVDD
regulation circuit needs to be stopped by power supply management.
Example of measures for AVDD regulation circuit stop option
Notes in example of the above-mentioned measures
When a voltage is supplied to PVDD pin, decide a value of Rx so that the voltage at AVDD pin becomes a value within
the range of 2VAVDDPVDD.
A value of Rx is about 100kto 500k, because the power-down leakage current (AVDD current) of YDA144 is
0.1µA typ. (2µA max.@125°C).
And, when an LSI other than YDA144 is connected to the same regulator, decide a value of Rx in consideration of all
leakage currents.
The regulator output may increase up to the supply voltage level (=PVDD voltage) such as a battery when load current
is zero. Please carefully check if any problem such as LSI's withstand voltage would occur when an LSI other than
YDA144 is connected to the same regulator.
This measure is effective only when a regulator whose output during a stop state becomes the high impedance state is
Pop noise reduction function
The Pop Noise Reduction Function works in the cases of Power-on, Power-off, Power-down on, and Power-down off.
And, the pop-noise can be suppressed according to control the power down by the following procedure.
/SDR and /SDL terminal are assumed to be H, after power-on.
/SDR and /SDL terminal are assumed to be L, before Power-off.

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