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‚óŹNon-Clip control Function
This is the function to control the output in order to obtain a maximum output level without distortion when an excessive
input which causes clipping at the differential signal output is applied. That is, with the Non-Clip function, YDA144 lowers
the Gain of the digital amplifier to an appropriate value so as not to cause the clipping at the differential signal output.
And, YDA144 follows also to the clip of the output wave form due to the decrease in the power-supply voltage.
<Operation outline of Non-Clip control function>
Connecting a resistor (Rex) and a capacitor (Cex) to NCRC terminal can set Attack Time and Release Time of the Non-Clip
control. A temperature compensation type ceramic capacitor is recommended as capacitor (Cex).
The Attack time is a time interval until gain falls to target attenuation gain -3dB with a big signal input enough.
And, the Release Time is a time from target attenuation gain to not working of Non-Clip.
With the target attenuation gain of 10dB, the Attack Time and Release Time is as can above Table.

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