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YDA136-SZ View Datasheet(PDF) - Yamaha Corporation

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Yamaha Corporation Yamaha
YDA136-SZ Datasheet PDF : 32 Pages
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Description of Block Functions
Stores the digital audio signal into DAC data register through a DAC interface.
Inputs into DAC through an over-sampling filter, and converts into an analog signal.
Performs a DC cut to DAC output data with the exterior capacitor of IC.
Performs a volume control and Differential signal conversion.
Performs a pulse width modulation
Negative feedbacks from the output of an external PowerMOSFET buffer.
Performs an Off-time delay control, and drives an external PowerMOSFET(Pch, Nch).
High current digital pulse signal is output from external PowerMOSFET (Pch, Nch)
The digital pulse signal is converted into audio signals by external LC filter and transmitted to speaker.
Stores the 7-bit volume data and control data into volume register and control register respectively through a MPU
Operation control circuit and protect circuit
Master clock generation circuit and carrier clock generation circuit
Supply of Power
YDA136 needs to be supplied the following two kinds of power supplies, the object for Low-Side drivers (Analog
Circuit), and the object for High-Side drivers, in addition to a power stage power supply (VBB, VSS).
Be sure to use VDD power for Low-Side driver and VBS for High-Side driver.
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