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YB1231ST25X390 View Datasheet(PDF) - YOBON TECHNOLOGIES,INC.

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
YB1231ST25X390 HV600mA Low-Noise LDO Regulator YOBON
YB1231ST25X390 Datasheet PDF : 10 Pages
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YB1231 – HV600mA
Low-Noise LDO Regulator
The YB1231 is a series of ultra-low-noise,
low dropout (LDO) linear regulators with
2.0% output voltage accuracy. The YB1231
regulators achieve a low 440mV dropout at
600mA load current of 4.5V output and are
available in voltages ranging from 3.2V to
4.5V with 0.1 V per step (custom voltage is
considerable at request).
The YB1231 regulators are optimized to
work with low-ESR and low cost ceramic
capacitors, reducing the amount of board
space critical in hand-held devices. The
YB1231 requires only 2.2 μF output
capacitor for stability with any load and
consumes less than 1μA in shutdown
Built-in thermal shutdown and short-circuit
protect offer secure protection against fault
operation. The YB1231 regulators are
available in SOT-23 / SOT-25 / SOT-89
„ 2.0% Accuracy Output Voltage
„ Output Voltage range 3.2V~4.5V
„ Low-Noise Low-Drop-Out
„ Stable with 2.2μF Ceramic Capacitor for
Any Load
„ Typical Output Current : 600 mA
„ Low Quiescent Current : ~100μA
„ 440mV Dropout at 600mA Load (4.5V)
„ Only Need Input and Output Capacitors
„ Power Saving Shutdown Mode (<1μA)
„ Thermal Protection Shutdown
„ Built-In Internal Soft-Start
„ Output Short-circuit Current Limit
„ Green package (RoHS) available
„ PDA, Palmtops and Notebook
„ DSC, Handset Camera Modules
„ PCMCIA Cards, PC Cameras
„ USB Based Portable Devices (MP3, PMP)
„ GSM/GPRS/3G RF Transceiver Modules
„ Wireless LANs
„ Bluetooth Portable Radios
Typical Application Circuitry
YB1231 MRev. 1.4
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