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WM8850 View Datasheet(PDF) - Wolfson Microelectronics plc

Part NameDescriptionManufacturer
WM8850 Multi-Channel High Definition Audio CODEC Wolfson
Wolfson Microelectronics plc Wolfson
WM8850 Datasheet PDF : 223 Pages
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Table 4 gives a summary of the verbs available for each node in the WM8850. Shaded cells show
vendor-specific verbs:
Get: –
Execute: 7FFh
Stream Format
Get: Ah
Set: 2h
Amplifier Gain/Mute
Get: Bh
Set: 3h
Get Parameter
Get: F00h Set: –
Connection Select Control
Get: F01h Set: 701h
Get Connection List Entry
Get: F02h Set: –
Processing State
Get: F03h Set: 703h
Power State
Get: F05h Set: 705h
Converter Stream, Channel Verb
Get: F06h Set: 706h
Pin Widget Control
Get: F07h Set: 707h
Unsolicited Response
Get: F08h Set: 708h
Pin Sense
Get: F09h Execute: 709h
Beep Generation
Get: F0Ah Set: 70Ah
Get: F0Ch Set: 70Ch
Digital Converter Control
Get: F0Dh Set: 70Dh, 70Eh
Get: F15h Set: 715h
GPIO Enable
Get: F16h Set: 716h
GPIO Direction
Get: F17h Set: 717h
GPIO Wake Enable
Get: F18h Set: 718h
GPIO Unsolicited Enable Mask
Get: F19h Set: 719h
GPIO Sticky Mask
Get: F1Ah Set: 71Ah
Configuration Default
Get: F1Ch Set: 71Ch, 71Dh, 71Eh, 71Fh
Implementation Identification/Subsystem ID
Get: F20h Set: 720h, 721h, 722h, 723h
VMID Control
Get: F71h Set: 771h
Beep Mask Selection
Get: F72h Set: 772h
Internal Path
Get: F73h Set: 773h
Get: F80h Set: 780h
Tx Channel Status Control
Get: F81h Set: 781h, 782h, 783h, 784h
Channel Status Data Packing Configuration
Get: F85h Set: 785h
GPIO Automatic Control
Get: F86h Set: 786h
PP, April 2011, Rev 3.2
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