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WM8850 Datasheet PDF : 223 Pages
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Multi-Channel High Definition Audio CODEC
The WM8850 is a high performance multi-channel audio
CODEC designed for high performance PC audio systems. The
device offers full compatibility with the Intel High Definition Audio
(HDA) specification revision 1.0, allowing seamless integration
with industry-standard HDA controllers.
The WM8850 has three high performance stereo DACs to
enable six channels of high definition audio, ideal for 5.1
channel applications. A high-performance ground-referenced
stereo headphone amplifier utilises advanced charge pump and
DC servo technology to minimise system cost and space without
compromise on audio quality. Line outputs provide a high-
quality differential connection to speaker amplifiers, enabling
common mode noise rejection when these traces are routed
across a PCB.
The WM8850 also has two high performance stereo ADCs to
provide Hi-Fi quality analogue line-in and microphone input
digitisation. A low noise microphone bias with programmable
output voltage is provided. Additionally, the CODEC contains a
digital microphone interface capable of supporting up to four
independent digital microphones. One differential stereo input is
provided for line level signals, while one pseudo-differential
stereo input with integrated microphone preamplifier is provided.
The WM8850 also contains a S/PDIF transceiver which is fully
compatible with IEC-60958-3. The S/PDIF receive and transmit
paths each contain a sample rate converter (SRC) to enable
asynchronous sample rate conversion between the S/PDIF
receive/transmit and HDA interface clock domains. An
additional S/PDIF transmitter is provided to allow direct output of
a stereo stream from the HDA interface.
Multi-channel High Definition Audio CODEC
Fully compatible with Intel High Definition Audio Revision 1.0
6-Channel DAC, 4-channel ADC
DAC sampling frequency 8kHz - 192kHz
ADC sampling frequency 8kHz - 96kHz
DAC Performance:
- SNR 108 dB (‘A’ weighted)
- SNR 105dB (non weighted)
- THD -96dB (at 0dBFS)
ADC Performance:
- SNR 105 dB (‘A’ weighted)
- SNR 102dB (non weighted)
- THD -95dB (at -1dBFS)
Ground-referenced stereo headphone driver
Differential line inputs/outputs
Stereo microphone interface with integrated pre-amp
Multi-channel digital microphone interface
IEC-60958-3 compatible S/PDIF transceiver
Additional IEC-60958-3 compatible S/PDIF transmitter
Jack detect and load impedance sensing
Beep generator
GPIO functionality
IEEE-754 Single precision 32-bit floating point support
Power supplies
- Digital core: 1.62V – 1.98V
- Digital buffer: 2.97V – 3.63V
- Analogue:
4.5V – 5.25V
- Charge pump: 4.5V – 5.25V
48-pin 7mm x 7mm QFN package
The WM8850 is supplied in a small 48-pin QFN package.
High performance PC audio
All-in-one desktop PC
Notebook PC
Pre Production, April 2011, Rev 3.2
Copyright 2011 Wolfson Microelectronics plc

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