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U.FL-LP-068N2T-A-(L) Datasheet PDF : 7 Pages
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The product information in this catalog is for reference only. Please request the Engineering Drawing for the most current and accurate design information.
All non-RoHUS p.FroLduSctserhiaevse qbeUenldtrisacoSntminuaedll, oSr uwirllfbaecdeiscMonotiununedt sCooona. PxleiaasleCchoecnkntheecptroordsuct-s1st.a9tmus mon toherH2ir.o4sme wmebsMiteaRtoeHdS, or contact your Hirose sales representative.
sProduct Specifications
Nominal characteristic impedance 50 ohms
Frequency range
DC to 6GHz
Operating temperature range -40˚C to +90˚C Storage temperature range -30˚C to +70˚C
Operating humidity
90%RH max. Storage humidity
90%RH max.
1. Contact resistance
Center : 20 m ohms max.
Outer : 10 m ohms max.
10 mA max.
2. Insulation resistance
500 M ohms min.
100 V DC
3. Withstanding voltage
No flashover or insulation breakdown.
200 V AC / 1 minute
4. V.S.W.R.*
Part No.
Up to 3GHz
3 to 6GHz
U.FL-LP-040 dia.0.81mm Coaxial Cable Assembly
1.3 Max
1.35 Max
U.FL-LP(V)-040 dia.0.81mm Coaxial Cable Assembly
1.3 Max
1.3 Max
U.FL-LP-066 dia.1.13mm Coaxial Cable Assembly
1.3 Max
1.4 Max
U.FL-LP-066 dia.1.32mm Coaxial Cable Assembly
1.3 Max
1.5 Max
U.FL-LP-062 dia.1mm Coaxial Cable Assembly
1.3 Max
1.3 Max
U.FL-LP-088 dia.1.37mm Coaxial Cable Assembly
1.3 Max
1.4 Max
5. Durability
Contact resistance
(mating / un-mating,
Center : 25 m ohms max.
30 cycles
with corresponding plug)
Outer : 15 m ohms max.
6. Vibration
Frequency: 10 to 100 Hz, single amplitude of 1.5mm, acceleration
No electrical discontinuity of 1µs min.
of 59m/s2, for 5 cycles in the direction of each of the 3 axis.
7. Shock
No damage, cracks or parts dislocation.
Acceleration of 735 m/s2, 11ms duration, sine half-wave
waveform, 3 cycles in each of 3 axes.
8. Humidity
No damage, cracks or parts dislocation.
(Steady state)
Insulation resistance 10 M ohms min.(humidity high) 96 hours at temperature of 40ç and humidity of 95%.
Insulation resistance 500 M ohms min.(dry)
9. Temperature cycle
No damage, cracks or parts dislocation.
Temperature: -40˚C/+5 to +35˚C/+90˚C/+5 to +35˚C
Contact resistance: 25 m ohms max. (Center)
30min./ 3min. /30min./ 3min.
15 m ohms max. (Outer)
5 cycles
10. Salt spray
No excessive corrosion
5% salt water solution, 48 hours
*V.S.W.R. Measurement System
The above V.S.W.R. standard values were measured using the measurement connection shown below.
Note 1: Cable type connectors were measured with SMA conversion adapters
attached to both ends of the harness product of a suitable 100cm cable.
Note 2: Board type connectors were mounted to a 50glass epoxy board and
measurements were conducted with SMA conversion adapters attached.
sMaterial / Finishes
Male center contact
Female center contact
Phosphor bronze
Phosphor bronze
Silver plated
Gold plated
Gold plated
Color: Black
Color: Beige

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