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TS27M2ACPT Low-power CMOS dual operational amplifiers ST-Microelectronics
STMicroelectronics ST-Microelectronics
TS27M2ACPT Datasheet PDF : 14 Pages
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TS27M2, TS27M2A, TS27M2B
Low-power CMOS dual operational amplifiers
Wide supply voltage range: 3 to 16 V
Ultra-low consumption: 150 µA/op typ
Output voltage swing to ground
Excellent phase margin on capacitive load
Gain bandwidth product: 1 MHz typ
Vio down to 2 mV max. (B version)
The TS27x2 series are low-cost and low-power
dual operational amplifiers designed to operate
with high-voltage single or dual supplies. These
operational amplifiers use the ST silicon gate
CMOS process, providing an excellent
consumption-speed ratio thanks to three different
power consumptions, making them ideal for low-
consumption applications:
ICC = 10 µA/amp: TS27L2 (very low power),
ICC = 150 µA/amp: TS27M2 (low power) and
ICC = 1 mA/amp: TS272 (high speed)
The devices also offer a very high input
impedance and extremely low input currents.
Their main advantage compared to JFET devices
is the very low input current drift with temperature
(Figure 3).
(Plastic package)
(Plastic micropackage)
(Thin shrink small outline package)
Pin connections (top view)
Out1 1
In1- 2 _
In1+ 3 +
VCC- 4
8 VCC+
7 Out2
_ 6 In2-
+ 5 In2+
August 2009
Doc ID 2306 Rev 2
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