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TEA1552 View Datasheet(PDF) - Philips Electronics

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TEA1552 GreenChip™II SMPS control IC Philips
Philips Electronics Philips
TEA1552 Datasheet PDF : 24 Pages
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Philips Semiconductors
GreenChipII SMPS control IC
Product specification
Distinctive features
Universal mains supply operation (70 to 276 V AC)
High level of integration, giving a very low external
component count.
Green features
Valley or zero voltage switching for minimum switching
Efficient quasi-resonant operation at high power levels
Frequency reduction at low power standby for improved
system efficiency (<3 W)
Cycle skipping mode at very low loads. Pi < 300 mW at
no-load operation for a typical adapter application
On-chip start-up current source
Standby indication pin to indicate low output power
Protection features
Safe restart mode for system fault conditions
Continuous mode protection by means of
demagnetization detection (zero switch-on current)
Accurate and adjustable overvoltage protection
Short winding protection
Undervoltage protection (foldback during overload)
Overtemperature protection (latched)
Low and adjustable overcurrent protection trip level
Soft (re)start
Mains voltage-dependent operation-enabling level
General purpose input for lock protection.
Typical application areas are adapters and chargers (e.g.
for laptops, camcorders and printers) and all applications
that demand an efficient and cost-effective solution up to
250 W.
The GreenChip(1)II is the second generation of green
Switched Mode Power Supply (SMPS) control ICs
operating directly from the rectified universal mains. A high
level of integration leads to a cost effective power supply
with a very low number of external components.
The special built-in green functions allow the efficiency to
be optimum at all power levels. This holds for
quasi-resonant operation at high power levels, as well as
fixed frequency operation with valley switching at medium
power levels. At low power (standby) levels, the system
operates at reduced frequency and with valley detection.
The proprietary high voltage BCD800 process makes
direct start-up possible from the rectified mains voltage in
an effective and green way. A second low voltage
BICMOS IC is used for accurate, high speed protection
functions and control.
Highly efficient, reliable supplies can easily be designed
using the GreenChipII control IC.
(1) GreenChip is a trademark of Koninklijke Philips
Electronics N.V.
2002 Aug 27
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